What is the best time to visit Doha?

December-February is the best time to visit Doha, Qatar. The winter months have an average temperature ranging from 26.8°C to 21.1°C. Weather in these months are pleasant and is easier to roam outdoors. It is said to be the peak-season in Doha. Although rainfall is deficient, it rains for a day or two in a month.  March-May, the spring months in Doha is very warm, and the same is with the summer months of June-August. The temperature ranges between 108°F (42.2°C) and 80.3°F (26.8°C). The expenses for accommodation is much cheaper during these months. The fall months of September-November is, again, warm, with a temperature range of 105.7°F (40.9°C) and 79.4°F (26.3°C). Rain is also not frequent during this time, and hence, there’s no respite from the sudden heat waves. So, to get the best out of your travel to Doha, make sure you book your stay anytime during the winter months of December-February.

Weather in Doha


Upcoming Doha Weather

Monthly Weather in Doha

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 23°/ 14° 2 days
February 24°/ 15° 0 days
March 27°/ 17° 1 days
April 32°/ 23° 3 days
May 38°/ 26° 0 days
June 43°/ 30° 0 days
July 41°/ 30° 0 days
August 41°/ 30° 0 days
September 40°/ 28° 0 days
October 37°/ 26° 0 days
November 30°/ 21° 1 days
December 26°/ 17° 3 days

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