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Site Archelogique de My Son

My Son Sanctuary, Da Nang Overview

My Son Sanctuary, recognized by UNESCO as the world heritage site, is located about 43km to the southwest of Da Nang. Site Archelogique de My Son is a series of over 70 partly ruined Hindu temples which were built between in the 4th to the 14th century AD by the rulers of Champa.

My Son is a historic site which houses the mystical ruins of the ancient Cham Dynasty. The relics here mainly consist of rock-cut temples and intricately carved shrines. The temples are mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva, and parts of these were destroyed in the American Vietnam war bombings. It is believed to be the centre of prayer in the times of the Cham monarchs. Overlooking a rich jungle of foliage and green, this destination is a wonderful combination of natural and man-made beauty.

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Structure and History of My Son Sanctuary

This destination has a number of stone cut temple ruins which at one point of time had intricate carvings adorning their walls. The late 4th century saw the rise of My Son as an illustrious religious centre under King Bhadravarman. These monuments were constantly developed and until the 13th century and are perhaps one of the few monuments to have seen growth over such a long period. It is believed that at one point of time, the entire surface of these architectures was gilded. However, the shrine was not completed in its due course and suffered subsequent damage when the United States attacked Vietnam during World War II. A number of its important scriptures are inscribed on the pillar surfaces, which is an informative embellishment. Although it only retains a part of its former glory, My Son is still one of the top destinations to visit if you wish to relive the days of the Cham Empire's glory.

Rock Cut Shrines at My Son Sanctuary in Vietnam
The My Son Sanctuary exhibits beautiful Rock Cut Structures and Shrines of the Cham Dynasty (Source)

Three Sections of My Son Sanctuary

My Son can be roughly divided into three different sections. The first one has many buildings in its compounds, each of which represented a different stage of Lord Shiva's worship. The second one contains the bomb destroyed ruins of My Son. Not much of the structure is left here, and grass has made this area its own. The third one has some restored structures which aim to pay respect to the creation of the Cham Dynasty and what was. This destination is a UNESCO recognised World Heritage Site.

Cham Museum

Near the premises of the Cham ruins of the My Son Sanctuary is the Champa Museum, which has a detailed description of a number of artefacts in the site. A number of pieces are also on display here. Visit the museum for a better understanding of the entire philosophy behind these enigmatic structures.

Tips for Visiting the Sanctuary

  • Streams from My Son end up in a quaint lake which is 3 kilometres long and are ideal for kayaking.
  • Wear good quality shoes for easy navigation through this territory and don't forget to carry water bottles to prevent dehydration.

How To Reach My Son Sanctuary

You can reach My Son from Hoi An by means of cars and paid taxis. Another good way to reach this destination is by undertaking organised tours from Hoi An. Tours from Danang are also available, but they are more expensive as compared to the ones in Hoi An. The closest airport and railway station to Hoi An can be found in Danang.

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