Hyderabad to Chikmagalur

   Hyderabad to Chikmagalur Road Distance 647 km
   Hyderabad to Chikmagalur Aerial Distance 538 km
  Hyderabad to Chikmagalur Travel Time 11 hours 14 mins

Hyderabad to Chikmagalur - How to reach

How to reach Chikmagalur from Hyderabad

The Preferred Way of Going from Hyderabad to Chikmagalur

The most preferred way of travelling from Hyderabad to Chikmagalur is to take a flight to a nearby airports and then continue onwards by bus or by taxi. In this case, the nearest airports to Chikmagalur are in Mangalore and Bangalore.

Popular Routes to Chikmagalur

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Bangalore to Chikmagalur 4 hours 3 mins 243 km
Hyderabad to Chikmagalur 11 hours 14 mins 647 km
Chennai to Chikmagalur 9 hours 16 mins 596 km
Mumbai to Chikmagalur 13 hours 50 mins 874 km
Pune to Chikmagalur 11 hours 50 mins 731 km

Popular Routes from Hyderabad

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Hyderabad to Goa 12 hours 30 mins 637 km
Hyderabad to Bangalore 8 hours 1 min 569 km
Hyderabad to Ooty 13 hours 40 mins 847 km
Hyderabad to Coorg 12 hours 38 mins 819 km
Hyderabad to Kodaikanal 15 hours 38 mins 1,033 km
Hyderabad to Shirdi 12 hours 17 mins 646 km

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