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Siddhant Francis

9 months ago
Chennai is huge city but very huge language problem for north indians because no one speaks Hindi and also public transport is lackluster as outskirts of the city are not well connected to the rest o (Read More)f Chennai

Sanjeet Singh

3 years ago
Been there for three days , need 2-3 more to cover Chennai. City of Chennai has old world charm. What I can say after three days that people are good, helpful most of the time, local street food or m (Read More)id range food joints are very cheap but one thing that is negative is that auto drivers there tends to overcharge you in double or triple.

Thia Milone

3 years ago
I took my children there yesterday. We all very sad to see that an elephant chained to tree. It was all by itself and clearly under a lot of distress as it rocked back and forth and whipped the chain (Read More) around. The area it is kept in is large but has no fence or moat to keep the elephant in. This needs to change. Elephants are extremely emotional, intelligent, social animals, and chaining them to tree alone is incompletely inhumane. I really hope they make changes to this. All of the other animals seemed to have free range of appropriate size enclosures.

anand kumar

on ISKCON (Hare Rama Hare Krishna) Temple 3 years ago
A must Visit!! Hare Krishna!! It is magnificent.. Based on Chakras in body.. Calm environment.. Everyone will get a peaceful experience and Krishna is waiting to see all of you!!

Sravya Vemuri

on Marina Beach 4 years ago
The beach has a wide shore area. Apart from a scenic view of the sky and water meeting, there are a good number of wholesale stores on the beach road. For a fitness enthusiast, it is ideal to go for (Read More)walk along this beach road in the early mornings. There are washrooms and toilets in the place. However, cleanliness is an issue. There is a great improvement over the years, but the scope remains large for further green initiatives. There is free parking facility as well.

Anam Shaikh

on Marina Beach 4 years ago
Marina Beach is the longest natural urban beach in the country. Bathing and swimming is illegal at Marina beach since the undercurrent in the region is very strong and there are no lifeguards station (Read More)ed here. Apart from enjoying on the beach, there are many historical monuments built at the junction of pathway stand. Some of them include Annadurai and MG Ramachandran memorials, statues of heroes from Tamil culture, Indo Saracenic buildings, monuments of Tamil scholars, patriots and famous personalities including Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose. One of the most remarkable effigies is the Triumph of Labor by Debiprasad Roy Choudhary. Various stalls of food items including murukku, sundal, ice-cream and other South-Indian snacks are located in its vicinity to curb the cravings of the foodies. An aquarium, situated near the beach, comprises of some of the most astonishing and splendid range of tropical sea and fresh water fish. It gives you a chance to be familiar with the aquatic life and see what God has blessed the sea life of Chennai with. And then south to its location is situated the Ice House, which was used for storage of ice brought from great lakes in North America during the time of British. The sun is unforgiving, carry sun-screen and stay hydrated.

Parvathi Preethan

4 years ago
Some tips while visiting Chennai ! 1) If you are visiting Chennai during the south-east monsoon season (November-December) and are unlucky to get caught in the showers, avoid low lying areas like T. (Read More)Nagar and Valluvar Kottam to escape the traffic and floods. 2) Another tip for a rainy day ? Better to carry a raincoat in Chennai, as umbrellas are not effective enough in the face of heavy winds and rains. 3) Autos in the city don?t run by meters, hence it is better to stick to cabs as the language barrier makes it difficult for effective bargaining. 4) In light of the recent bout of dengue and other fevers, better to be safe and carry mosquito repellent creams, especially while visiting outdoor locations like beaches. 5) Chennai heat is scorching; make sure to avoid getting dehydrated by drinking only bottled water from recognizable brands.

Vasudevan Krishnamurti

on Anjaneyar Temple Nanganallur 4 years ago
The temple is one of the most prominent ones in Chennai. Definitely worth visiting. The atmosphere of bhakti in the temple is impressive. The 32 metres tall deity is an embodiment of bhakti and is kn (Read More)own to bestow good health and dispel senses of insecurity and fear and instill confidence.

Saran Raj

on Dakshinachitra Museum 4 years ago
Awesome spot for people who loves culture and history and have great interest on lifestyle of people.

Sukanya Ghosh

4 years ago
Good for shopping, food and medical facilities. I wouldn't recommend the beaches such as Marina Beach, it was very dirty and crowded. Still developing compared to the other metropolitan cities. The w (Read More)eather is very harsh so do use a lot of sunscreen. Transport may be a problem, apart from that Chennai makes for a good short trip.

Surbhi Parashar

4 years ago
The metropolitan capital of Tamil Nadu - Chennai; is located on the south-east coast of India and offers travellers the best of both the sea and the land - with its beaches, heritage temples and chur (Read More)ches. The city is also known fondly for its many culinary delights and is a shopping haven providing both traditional and cosmopolitan options. Chennai assumes a significant position in defining both the cultural history storehouse as well as the modern early morning dream that India is. With so much of the past and future to sustain, Chennai provides the tourist with a complete experience with little left unchecked. From beaches to historical monuments, temples, shrines to churches, Chennai is a modestly holistic destination. To name a few attractions, we have the Marina beach, a Portuguese church, Kapileswara temple and much more. A synonym to the automobile capital of India, Chennai is a city with diverse experiences to offer.

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Q. Hi i need your package for 2 adults. Starting from Bangalore to kodaikanal to Pondicherry to chennai I am looking around 13th December 2018.


4 years ago
You can fill the Customised package form through the following link and our booking partners will get back to you to take care of your holiday needs -
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Q. How can I make the most of a winter trip to Chennai? Is the cold harsh? I don?t mind travelling to the outskirts of the city.

Kovid Kapoor

4 years ago
There are no 'winters' as such in Chennai. Temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees, so the cold will not be much of a problem for you in planning your trip. Apart from that, there are numerous plac (Read More)es you could visit in Chennai. The Marina beach is a must. If you're an artchitecture junkie, then check out the Santhome Cathedral Basilica. Or you could visit the Arignar Anna Zoological Park 30km from the city and explore the wildlife of the region. Also, Snake Park and Crocodile Bank are quite interesting places.
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Q. How is the weather in Chennai during Last week of December and January plz? Which places are the best to choose for vacation stay in Chennai plz?

Rudratandav N

4 years ago
The last week of December is comparatively colder but the temperature lies somewhere between 20 and 30 degree Celsius and remains the same until the end of January. Not so cold winters when compared (Read More)to the weather in other major cities. as Chennai is too hot in other months of the year heading to the beaches around Chennai would be a great idea. If you want to relax surrounded by music, then there's Madras Music Festival which is coming up too. If you get the time you could also visit Pondicherry which is just a 2-hour drive from Chennai for a good time in the beautiful city. There are abundant hotels in Chennai which can cater to your needs. Here's a list of hotels you can choose from.
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