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Nettukuppam, Chennai Overview

Nettukuppam is the northernmost tip of Chennai and has a beach which is yet not tarnished by encroaching crowds. It is a solitary retreat for those who seek to enjoy the raging sea up close but in a peaceful environment. The saltwater creek of Ennore joins the sea here forming an estuary of sorts. The place is ideal to spend a peaceful time as it is still not on the radar of the maddening tourist crowd.

Neither does the place have shouting hawkers, nor are there tourists crowding the beach. It does get some more footfall in the holiday seasons or festivals, but mostly it is just a few groups of people who are present here. If you are a lover of silence and tranquillity, you will find this the perfect place to hang out on a summer evening. There is a vantage point from where you can actually see the skyline of Chennai, and take into the vast historical and geographical differences the city experiences. This point is at the end of a long, concrete pier that extends into the sea. The local people call this the broken bridge and say that it was built to hold a dredger at the creek's mouth years ago. The few visitors you will find here come in attraction of this popular joint.

You will enjoy their stay at Nettukuppam beach sitting on the pier, dangling your legs, enjoying the refreshing sea breeze and the spray of cool mist as the waves hit the pier and break into white foam beneath your feet. It is also an ideal place for photographers. Shutterbugs will find a lot of picturesque shots to capture, keeping the deep blue sea and the horizon in the background. The pier offers a good view of the thermal power station at Ennore, the creek and many other sites located along the sea. You can actually witness with your own eyes how the modern skyscrapers of Chennai gradually melt into smaller houses and then nothingness from here. If you are lucky enough, you can witness some of the local fishermen with their day's catch at the shore and buy some fresh off the net at reasonable rates.

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Best Time To Visit Nettukuppam

It is better not to visit the place during the sunrise, even though the site might be a tempting one. The tide is very high during the early hours of dawn. It is only safe later in the day and afternoon. Also, even if you get there during times of high tide, do not sit on the pier. Enjoy the view standing - this is for your own safety.

How To Reach Nettukuppam

Ennore, which is the nearest railway station, is only a few stations away from Chennai railway station. It would not take more than 40-50 minutes to reach there at the maximum. Also, there are public buses from Broadway and High court bus terminuses that will take you to Nettukuppam. Otherwise, to avoid all that travel, you can just hire a cab as well.

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