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Here are the top 3 tourist places in Colombia

1. Bogota

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The largest city and also the capital region of Columbia, Bogota is known for its excitement and vibrancy deep rooted in its sophisticated streets. The cosmopolitan capital has a population of about eight million people and is located at a great altitude of 2640metres amidst the Andean Peaks.

Best Time: December to March

2. Cartagena

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Cartagena or Cartagena de Indias, capital of Bolivar department is the fifth largest city in Colombia. Located on the Carribean coast, the city is known for its grand colonial mansions, plazas, beautiful beaches and a vibrant lifestyle, making it Colombia's top tourist destination.

Best Time: January to March

3. Medellin

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MedellÍn is the second largest city in Colombia and capital of Antioquia department. An important economic centre, MedellÍn is a bustling urban hub known for its textile industry. Located in the Aburra valley in foothills of majestic Andes mountains on either side, MedellÍn is known for its alluring...

Best Time: December to February

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