How To Reach Cannes

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How to Reach Cannes

Cannes is accessible by all means of transport: by air, by car, by train and by boat and is well connected to neighbouring cities

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How to Reach Cannes from India

Flights are available from the major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai to Nice Airport (NCE) via major airlines such as Air France, Emirate, Lufthansa etc.

How to reach Cannes by flight

There are two ways to get to Cannes by air, one of which is the Nice International Airport located just 25 kilometres from the city and the other being Cannes Mandelieu Airport. The latter is a small and excellent airport catering to small aircrafts and private jets whereas the former is well connected to major destinations and serves the entire tourist platform of French C»te dêAzur.

How to reach Cannes by road

The city is connected to the wide network of European roadways, it is linked to Paris by the A8 Esterel Motorways which can be covered in an 8 hour motor ride, the same road provides access to the city of Nice and Monaco as well. Taxi services are available and most convenient but are quite expensive (costing around EUR 80).

How to reach Cannes by train

Getting to Cannes by train is the second most popular mode of transport after air. Cannes is located on the Marseille-Nice railway and is served by three types of international trains, namely, Trains Bleus, the TEE (Trans-Europe Express) and the TGV (high speed trains), it is easily accessible from the cities of Paris, Marseille, Basel, Milan, Venice and Rome, Brussels.

How to reach Cannes by bus

Travelling by bus to Cannes is a reliable and efficient alternative and comes with the added advantage of enjoying stunning views on the way. You can take the bus number 210 form Nice to Cannes which is a direct bus service between the two cities with no stops in between.

How to reach Cannes by Waterways

Ferries come form the cities of Calvi and Bastia in Corsica to Nice and take passengers to Cannes, the ferry trips are longer but the scenery is worth admiration. Apart from ferries, boats can be taken to travel from any point to another on the French Riviera.

Local transport in Cannes

Getting around Cannes is easy and going on foot is the fastest mode of transport(allowing you the time to explore more which you might miss in a car or a bus). Buses are the only form of public transport in Canne. The bus network is efficient with buses plying at a frequency of fifteen minutes. Taxis can also be taken on the streets or booked by a phone call to Taxis de Cannes. There are numerous car rental services available to choose form depending on your budget.

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