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"the epitome of Hakuna Matata"

Cancun Tourism

Cancun is a city located on the shore of Caribbean sea, on the northeast coast of Yucatan peninsula. Known for its white sand beaches, pleasant weather, luxurious resorts, exuberant nightlife along with great Mexican food to serve your taste buds, Cancun is one of Mexico's premier tourist destination attracting more than a thousand visitors every month.

The glistening city of Cancun is a tropical wonderland waiting for you to dive into its myriad vibrant experiences . Shaped like number seven, this region of the Caribbean was almost uninhabited four decades ago. With the Mexican government's fruitful effort of building the city into a tourist destination, the region transformed from a local fishing village to what is today's hub of extravagant resorts, beaming parties and mouth-watering seafood. The city is divided into two parts, the hotel zone or Zona Hotelera is an island separated from mainland with a lagoon in its interior and the downtown full of markets, restaurants and residences. But there's more to this city than just parties, the city is also synonymous with adventures and explorations. Go snorkelling or touch the depths of the Caribbean with scuba diving or seek thrill in surfing the waves. And if you happen to be one of those who are fascinated by ancient history, you are definitely in for a treat because you will find yourself at the cradle of the Mayan civilization. Be it anything, a family holiday or an archaeological expedition or a spring break, Cancun is a melange worth your visit.

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Currency in Cancun

The best way to pay is by cash, however cards are accepted at few places and should be used for emergencies. US dollars are also accepted in Cancun with Pesos returned in change, so converting some of your cash to Pesos will make your calculations smoother.

Exchanging Money in Cancun

Currency exchange options are available throughout the city. You can also use ATMs for transactions with extra charges on the Mexican bank end as well as your bank end.

Daily Budget for Cancun

A general cheap budget of MXN 160 should get you going with local transport, food and other entertainment whereas a mid budget would be around MXN 450 and a luxury end budget can go as high as MXN 1100

Religion of Cancun

The major religion in Cancun is Christianity with Catholics comprising around ninety percent of the population.

Cancun Customs

There are no specific dress codes as such to be followed in Mexico, however one should choose their attire in a way that allows them to mingle with the general crowd easily and doesn't make them stand out as tourists. Tipping is part of the Mexican culture much like America. Since most the people working there in the tourism industry earn modest wages, tips contribute significantly to their income. In restaurants, one should tip upto fifteen percent of the bill amount if they are happy with the service. Small gifts can be given as a tip to those working for room service. Mexicans are friendly and helpful people, however its also a class conscious society, so greet people formally by shaking hands or a low bow.

Language of Cancun

Spanish is the official as well as the local language. Most Mexicans speak and understand English, some also speak French and Italian. Using few Spanish greetings which can be learnt on your fingertips such as Hola for Hello, Gracias for Thank you, Por favor for Please will be appreciated by the locals as a sweet gesture.

History of Cancun

The present day Cancun used to be a Mayan site when it was known as Nizuc. After a period of time as the Mayan population gradually declined, only few settlements were left on the island. The name Cancun or Kankun translates to "Nest of Snakes" in Mayan. Until 1970s, Cancun was just a deserted island of mangroves and marshes with unexplored beaches. The project for converting Cancun into a resort started in January 1970 and the city was planned as an integral tourism project in 1974 with Mexican government investing in the initial hotels. Within the next few years, the face of the city changed almost like a coin flip becoming one of the top tourist destinations of the world and started growing in population.

Nightlife in Cancun

Cancun promises an unparalleled nightlife experience with a variety of bars, clubs, lounges to offer. Although it is considered as Spring Breaker's Paradise, there is something for anyone and everyone with state of the art light effects, non stop music and outstanding discos. You can choose an open bar package and drink all night or pay by drink. Most of the nightclubs are located in Zone Hotelera with Coco Bongo, Dady'O and Mandala being wildly popular.

Shopping in Cancun

A city planned as a premier tourist resort can never disappoint its visitors and Cancun does full justice to the statement. With designer boutiques to flea markets and shopping malls, shopping in Cancun is icing on the cake for a visitor added to the turquoise beauty of the Caribbean. Head to La Isla Shopping Village or Kukulcan Plaza & Luxury Avenue for trendy and luxury brands which boast of more than two hundred shops. If you are interested in a flea market and in carrying some souvenirs back home, Market 28 situated in downtown is your stop. Look out for Mexican Handicrafts and Silver jewellery in this huge flea market with duty free shopping.

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FAQs on Cancun

What is the best time to visit Cancun?

The tropical climate of Caribbean makes the average temperature of Cancun warm throughout the year ranging from 28 to 33 degree Celsius. However, being a top tourist destination, the islands attract visitors throughout the year. The peak season is winters and early spring from December to April with mild temperatures ideal for relaxing and engrossing yourself with all the fun and festivity that Cancun offers at its lively beaches. Most people avoid travelling between late March and early April when the island is filled with Spring breakers rushing in from different parts of the country. During the peak season, the rates are high but booking in advance up to two months can save you a lot. The months from May to August are generally hot and humid, but if you are looking forward to avoiding the crowd and saving some money, then this is your window. Cancun is prone to hurricanes and the months from September to November might upset your trip with storms and rain, so make sure you check the weather forecast. 
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What is the local food in Cancun?

Cancun is no less than a heaven for a Mexican food lover, with its spectacular and scrumptious food, numerous street side eateries and expensive restaurants in the Hotel Zone.. Head to Ty-Cos and Los De to munch on those filling tacos and burritos or go for a gourmet cuisine to Julia Mia and pamper your tastebuds. However, once should never miss the street food joints with exceptional quality and at a price ever so easy on your pocket.
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What is the best way to reach Cancun?

One can easily reach Cancun via air, bus or ferry. However, there are no rail connections.
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What are the top hotels in Cancun?

There are 1253 in Cancun which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Cancun are Beach Palace - All Inclusive, Villa Maya de Cancun, Casa Palmera, Condo Downtown 6, Upgraded OceanView Studio on the beach, La Casa Verde. You can see all the hotels in Cancun here

What are the places near Cancun?

The top places near to Cancun are Playa del carmen which is 63 km from Cancun, Mexico city which is located 1295 km from Cancun, London which is located 7963 km from Cancun, Dubai which is located 13438 km from Cancun, Amsterdam which is located 8277 km from Cancun

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