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Address : 206 Clarendon Street Boston

Open Hours : 10 am - 4:30 pm

Suggested Hours : 1 Hour

Recitalists : 35 every year

Founded : 1733

Parking : Yes

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Trinity Church, Boston Overview

The holy metropolitan Trinity Church is one of Boston’s oldest Romanesque style churches. Trinity Church has intricate details in its sculptures and paintings. The church is easily accessible by public transports and has parking spaces in and around the friendly neighborhood. The beautiful church is a representation of not only the ancient style of architecture but also shows the practice of religion back in the days.

Located on Clarendon street the well preserved Trinity Church is visited by several people from all parts of the country. The church celebrates several festivals and has regular sermons and readings. The architecture of the place allows a large number of people to sit and pray. They also have a high-level choir that sings for the people on several auspicious occasions. The church also has an intricate collection of paintings, sculptures, and writings on the stone walls of the church. The church is currently under observation for becoming a Boston Landmark.

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How to reach Trinity Church

The Trinity Church Boston can be accessed using Boston’s public transportation systems, as well as personal cars.

Public Transport:
`One can reach Trinity Church by using the MBTA Orange Line and get off Back Bay station. After getting off the station one can walk two blocks to the Trinity Church.
One can also take the Greenline and reach Copley station. After that visitors should walk two blocks east to reach the church.
Bus the MBTA route 39 also stops at Copley Square.

206 Clarendon St, Boston, MA 02116- This is the exact address of the church. For visitors who wish to travel by their own car can put in the exact address on software like google maps and reach the exact location.

There is limited parking available around the neighbourhood of the church. They also provide discounts on Sundays for visitors on 500 Boylston street.

Worships at the Church

"The Trinity Church offers five days of services to the visitors of the church. They also have their own version of morning prayer with sermons, anthem, and the service of snug later in the week. They also have weekday services like the Wednesday Evensong and the Thursday Holy Eurichast.

The church itself has hosted many community and religious events over the period of time. They also hosted interfaith events during the 9/11 attacks and the 2005 bombing that has taken place in the USA. This shows the openness and faithfulness of the church.

Community Services at the Church

The Trinity church highly focuses on community service programs which help in the overall progress of the society. They have tie-ups with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Pine Street Hill, Walk for Hunger, and several such NGOs. The community service programs organized with the aim of socially and emotionally supporting society. They are a community that serves over 500 people and has respect for the people

Church Choir

The church has several choir events during the month of December. The most famous one being the Candlelight carols. The event is often seen as a ‘Boston Tradition which gathers over 5,000 attendees coming from as far as the city of Maine. The Trinity Church choir has excessively toured all over the city of Boston featuring its wide range of musical landscapes of the city. The choir of Trinity church learned their music from the Royal School of Church Music.

Architecture of the Church

The building of the Trinity church was built in 1846, the church was built by Richard Upjohn.

Building: The Trinity Church was the first church to be designed by Henry Hobson in the Romanesque style of architecture. The main arch of the building was built in the same style and was the first building to be built in this style in the city of Boston.

The shape of the Cross:
The floor plan of the church approximates the floor plan of a Greek Cross. The main idea behind this plan was that everyone has enough space and there is an openness to hear and see the preacher and choir singing.

West Porch:
The West Porch is the main entrance off Copley Square that was installed 20 years after the main building was built. There are several carvings on the arches of the church.

Painters in the interior:
More than 21,000 square feet are covered with paintings from ancient times. John La Farge was one of the main painters of the church along with his team of six-eight other artists who have their names engraved on the walls of the church.

The Chancel:
The Chancel is one of the only structures that keep changes. It is a reincarnation featuring a marble and gilded decoration as well as a highly decorated altar.

History of the Trinity Church

The Trinity was originally located on Summer street but unfortunately was burned down in the Boston fire of 1872. The church was also rebuilt under the guidance of rector Phillips Brooks who was one of the best preachers of his time. The church was built by Henry Hobson Richardson from 1852-1877. During this time he got extremely famous for this mind-blowing work on the church. It was where the Romanesque style of architecture was born, the church had intricate details of a clay roof, polychromy, rough stone, heavy arches, and a massive tower. This style was later used for the construction of several buildings around the vicinity of the church.

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