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Address : 1 Museum Of Science Driveway, Boston, MA 02114.

Open Hours : 9am-5pm

Suggested Hours : 3-4 Hours

Established in : 1830

Age groups : Visitors of all age groups.

Parking : Yes

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Museum of Science , Boston Overview

One of America’s largest science museums, the Museum of Science in Boston has not only a dynamic science Museum but also an indoor zoo created with the aim of spreading knowledge and developing science amongst the visitors. In addition to the obvious museum exhibits, the Boston Science Museum showcases 4D and Omni films, planetarium shows, and live presentations.

Located on the banks of the river Charles, the Museum of Boston is one of Boston's largest and most visited museums. The museum is home to a wide range of exhibits related to rocks, minerals, fossils, mounted animals, models of space capsules as well as the human body. The holistic approach of the museum is what attracts several visitors, students, and researchers. The museum not only has exhibits but also screens films in its five-storey high theatre. The most exciting part of the museums is the live presentations that attract audiences who wish to feel science.

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How to reach the Museum

"The Museum of Science is located in the Science Park, along the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts. It is one of the largest scientific institutions in the state and spans over hundreds of acres. Boasting an indoor zoo as well as hundreds of their research centers. Due to its central location, the museum is very easily accessible. Here are the different ways one can reach to the Museum of Science in Boston:-

  • By Road:- The address of the museum is 1 science park, Massachusetts 02114. It is located at the heart of Boston and can be easily accessible via cars and taxis. Located less than 2 miles from the city center, the museum can be reached in less than 10 minutes by car even during peak hours.
  • By rail - The Museum of Science, Boston is very well connected by rail transport as well. It has a metro station of its own that connects the museum to the entire city’s metro line.
  • By Walking - One can even reach the Museum of Science, Boston walking from the city center to the west end of the museum. The walk is not more than 20 minutes and you get to witness the beautiful Charles River along the way to the museum.
  • By cycle - With the introduction of the Blue bikes program, one can also visit the Museum of Science, Boston on cycles. These sharable cycles available to the public make it easier for commuters to travel and at the same time, help reduce carbon emissions. The museum has its own cycle stand hence, one can easily reach the museum on these sharable cycles.

Things to do at the Museum of Science

  • "4-D Films - The museum offers its visitors with the options of 4-D Movies. The various 4-D films available at the museum are Octonauts: Amazon adventure, The Congo 4-D: Life in a Rainforest, and Smallfoot.
  • Live Presentation - The museum also offers live presentations on different scientific topics for all age groups, explaining various topics such as the lives of small animals, research about various bacteria and Fungi. The topics for these presentations keep changing and the museum keeps adding new and interesting topics for the visitors and learners.
  • Omni Theatre - The Museum of Science also has an IMAX theatre called the Mugar Omni Theatre. The museum of science, Boston is one of the only places on the west coast to have its own IMAX theatre that makes the visitor's experience even more exciting and immersive. The theatre has shows on various different topics and scientific experiments, researches, and much more. It is a truly enriching experience for all the visitors.
  • The Planetarium - The Museum of Science also has a planetarium that hosts various shows and events about space and other planets. These shows are organized for all age groups and are very educational and fun.
  • SubSpace - SubSpace is another fun and educational activity available at the museum that is available only for adults. The activity includes various book clubs and other activities.
  • 360 degree Thrill experience - The 360-degree thrill experience had various rides and activities for kids as well as older people. These activities also include games and VR setups that make the experience even more immersive and detailed.
  • The Museum of Science, Boston offers various other fun activities to its visitors. These include the overnights that are available for kids from grades 1-7. The visitors can also take part in the summer courses which help the aspirants learn different concepts related to science. In addition, the museum also holds various public events.

Exhibits at the Museum of Science

"The museum has an abundance of exhibits for its several visitors. Here is a list of the Exhibits in the Museum:
  • Hall of Human Life
  • Wicked Smart
  • Colossal fossil
  • Dinosaur
  • Yawkey gallery of Charles river
  • Discovery center
  • The live animal care center
  • New England Habitats
  • Natural Mysteries
  • Mathematica
  • A birds world
  • Butterfly zoo
  • Investigate
  • Math moves
  • Science in the park
  • The rock garden
  • Take a closer look
  • The LightHouse
  • Cosmic light
  • Conserve at home
  • Nanotechnology
  • Seeing is deceiving
  • To the moon
  • Catching the wind
  • Museum of Science: then and now
  • The Colby Trophy Room
  • Transportation
  • Animal Sculptures

These are some of the most different exhibits at the museum for the several interested visitors at the Boston Science Museum.

Planetarium Shows at the museum

Live shows at the Museum's planetarium :
  • Destination Mars
  • The David Bowie Experience
  • Moons world of mystery
  • The Beyonce Experience
  • Big Birds adventure

Live shows at the museum

"The Museums also has a large variety of live presentations that are conducted. These presentations not only help the visitors understand science in a better way but also teach them several new things about the world around us
  • Live animal storytime for preschoolers
  • Lightning
  • Live animal presentation
  • Science live
  • Science magic
  • Super cold science
  • The amazing nano Brother juggling show

Tickets for Museum of Science

The ticket prices for the museum of Science Boston are as follows:-
For members - Free
For Adults (12+) - USD 29
Child (3-11) - USD 24
Seniors (60+) - USD 25
The tickets for the Science behind Pixar Admission and the planetarium tickets are sold separately.

History of the Museum

The Boston Museum of Science was originally referred to as the Boston Society of Natural History, the museum was founded by a group of 8 extremely intellectual men who wished to portray their personal scientific thoughts to the rest of the nation. Later in 1862, the name again changed to the Boston Museum of Natural history, and several facilities were added the building was constructed at Back Bay near the Massachusetts institute of technology. During this tenure, a great deal of scientific work was done by the people of the museum. In addition to this, they also studied geology which was later added to the Museum's exhibits.

Post World War 2
The major changes were made after the second world war. The old building was sold and the museum was relocated on the banks of the Charles River. Here there was a traveling planetarium that was built and the museum was visited by elementary school students for a better understanding. Later in 1955 the science park was opened and in 1958 the Charles Hayden planetarium. In 1960,1970,1980 the museum had opened many more exhibits increasing its development and becoming more famous. Later in 1995, the museum opened its very own computer exhibit where there were the original computer artifacts from the past. Gradually the more advanced exhibits opened, later the Omni theatre was introduced and the live planetarium shows had also begun.

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