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Address : 85 N Policy St, Salem, NH 03079

Open Hours : 10.30am-6pm

Operating season : May- Late October

Suggested Hours : Day trip

Distance from Boston : 30 miles

Number of rides : 85

Longest ride : Yankee Cannonball

Fastest ride : Untamed

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Canobie Lake Park , Boston Overview

Located in Salem, New Hampshire the Canobie Lake Park is a part of America’s very few trolley parks that are yet functioning. The Canobie park is most prominently known for its beautiful and unique botanical gardens. In addition to the gardens, they also have thrill rides, family rides, children's rides, and water rides.

Opened in 1902 the Canobie lake Park has a wide range of activities to do for its visitors. Inclusive of botanical gardens and rollercoasters the park has it all. The park also flaunts its history with the renowned author Stephen King who used inspiration from the park elements to write his novel names Joyland. 

The trees around the park keep it cool and shady at all times and the reasonability of the Canobie Lake Park also attracts a large audience. The park also now has an attached island, known as the Castaway island which is known for its exciting water activities. The Lake park also has several games and a wide range of delicious food for its visitors.

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Ways to get to get to the Park

The address of Canobie Lake Park is 85 North Policy Street, Salem, NH 03079. Its location makes it very easily accessible from all the major cities around it. The location of the park can be tricky because of its large area and often visitors end up opposite the actual entrance of the park. Hence, one must stick to the address provided by the park and not rely much on GPS. for people hailing from Boston, here are the directions to be followed - Take I-93 North to Exit 2 or 3 in Salem, NH.

Here are the approximate travel times from various cities to reach Canobie Lake Park by road:-
Boston, MA - 35 minutes
Concord, NH - 35 minutes
Portsmouth, NH - 40 minutes
Worcester, MA - 55 minutes
Providence, RI - 90 minutes
The White Mountains - 95 minutes

Adventurous rides at the Canobie Lake Park

The Canobie lake park is widely known not only for its fresh botanical gardens but also for its extremely fun roller coaster rides. The park rides range from rides for children to teenagers to adults. The rides are safe and most enjoyed by the visitors to the park. Here's a list of the rides at the Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire.

1. Roller Coasters
  • Canobie Corkscrew
  • Untamed
  • Kiddie Dragon Roller Coaster
  • Yankee Cannonball
  • Thrill Rides
  • Ice jet
  • Pirata
  • Psychodrome
  • Starblaster
  • Turkish twist
  • Wipeout
  • Extreme Frisbee
2. Family Rides
  • Antique Carousel
  • Antique cars
  • Canobie 500
  • Canobie express
  • Da Vinci’s dream
  • Giant Sky wheel
  • Mine of Lost souls
  • Over the rainbow
  • Waveblaster
  • See you Gravity
3.Water Rides
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Tall Timber Splash
  • Policy Pond Log Flume
  • Castaway island
  • Castaway island tidal river expansion
4.Children Rides
  • Alpine Swing
  • Boats
  • Flower Power
  • Helicopters
  • Jeeps
  • Kiddie Carousel
  • Jungle Bounce
  • Pony Carts
  • Skyfighters

Exciting games at the Lake Park

There are several games also available at the Canobie Lake Park for its visitors. The rides range are not only for children but can also be experienced by the adults who come to visit the park. These games prove to be extremely attractive for an immense audience and loved by all. Here’s a list of the games that are available at the park:
  • Puzzle Rooms
  • Virtual Reality Experience
  • Lights out Hockey
  • Game Room ( Arcade Games)
  • Pinball Parlour
  • World Cup Challenge
  • 3 Point Challenge
  • Blockbuster
  • Top aim
  • Feller follys ladder game
  • Paintball Hollow
  • Main Arcade
  • Midway Games
  • Pictures Challenge
  • Boathouse Casino
  • Hang time

Delicious food stalls at Canobie Lake Park

The Canobie Lake Park is never short of food. It has upto 13 different restaurants and food carts that serve visitors with different cuisines and snacks at all times. This ensures that you are never hungry and don't have to walk too much to reach the food counters. These restaurants have various options to choose from for the visitors so that you can eat whatever you want. Here is a list of all the food places at the Canobie Lake Park:-
  • Be Bop diner
  • Cafe d'Or
  • Chicken Coop
  • Fried Dough
  • International Food Festival
  • Lumberjack ice cream
  • Minuteman fried clams
  • Mobile concessions
  • Popcorn Box
  • Pizza Ria and Wraps
  • The trellis
  • Sons of Liberty tavern
  • Rain fortress Grills

Gift Shops

The gift shops at the park are extremely essential for the visitors to take back memories of the fun they've had at the Canobie Lake Park. The gift shops offer visitors a wide range of gifts and souvenirs to choose from. The gift shops have keychains, onboard photos, floats, stuffed toys, and other small souvenirs. Here’s a list of the few but wholesome gift shops at the Canobie Lake Park:
  • Heritage Gift Shop
  • Lucky Miner Gift Shop
  • Bear Claw Gift Shop
  • Tropical Treasures
  • Fire and Drum Gift Shop
  • Island Trader

Castaway Islands

Castaway Island is a small part of the Canobie lake park. The island features a tidal river with a 60 feet tower letting out 3 gigantic water slides. In addition to this, the park also features a bar, restaurants, and proper changing facilities for the convenience of its visitors.
Here are a few of the rides and water activities at the Castaway island
  • Castaway islands Tidal River
  • Castaway islands Water Slides
  • Private Cannabis
  • Lil Squirts play pond
  • Rain Fortress

History of the Canobie Lake Park

The Canobie lake park opened on August 23, 1902, as a trolley park for the newly constructed railway lines. In those times, trolley cars were the most popular innovations and everyone was excited about them. In order to increase the popularity of the trolley cars and to incentivize the use of this mode of transport, he Hudson, Pelham & Salem Railways (HP&S) opened Canobie Lake Park. The aim was to make a resort and vacation place to attract people to use their trolley cars. The park soon gained in popularity and by 1912 it was the hub for the company’s trolly hub. However, with the decline in demand for trolley cars, the park also soon closed down in 1929.

After three years, in 1932, a wealthy Irish contractor brought the park back in hopes of rebuilding it and bringing it back to its old glory. He reinstalled new gardens and upgraded the park’s infrastructure. This did wonders for the park as it got its most popular ride, the Yankee Cannonball. That's how the park got its name, the Canobie Lake Park. After that, the park went through various ups and downs. However, the park always fought against its obstacles and is still operational as one of the country’s oldest and most popular family destinations.

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