How To Reach Bolaven Plateau

How to Reach Bolaven Plateau

The nearest town to get to Bolaven Plateau is to arrive at Pakse.  The best way to reach Pakse is by bus. Regular buses and minivans are available from cities like Luang Prabang, Vientiane and Vang Vieng, which takes between 8 to 10 hours. There are 4 bus stations in Pakse, which connects the town with other smaller cities too. The bus ticket varies between 20 to 30 USD per person depending on the city of departure. You can also get there by renting a taxi for about 200 USD. There are flights to Pakse from Vientiane, Bangkok, Siem Reap and Luan Prabang.

From Pakse, you can rent a motorbike or a car to explore the attractions in Bolaven Plateau. Depending on your time and preferences, you can either stay overnight or make a day trip from Pakse.

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Local transport in Bolaven Plateau

The best way to explore Paksong is by renting a motorbike. You can also get around the town by hiring a Tuk-Tuk or renting a bicycle daily. Cabs are available too if you want to commute to the waterfalls and villages more comfortably.

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