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"UNESCO heritage Angkor temples, Waterfalls and Islands on the Mekong "

Champasak Tourism

Champasak is a province located in southwestern Laos, close to the borders of Thailand and Cambodia. It is best known for Champasak Cultural Landscape, which comprises of a series of 12th century Angkor temples, which are UNESCO heritage-listed sites.

The town is home to French colonial architecture, and the province has a lot of attractions to offer for tourists including the best waterfalls, Si Phan Don islands and Laotian countryside on the banks of the Mekong River.

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Places to Visit

Wat Phu - One of the UNESCO heritage-listed temples and the most prominent, Wat Phu is a 12th century Angkor Hindu temple built in Khmer style of architecture located close to the city centre of Champasak. It was later converted to a Buddhist temple which is still prevalent. The entry to the temple along with the museum costs 50000 LAK per person and is open for visitors between 9 AM to 4.

Wat Nang Sida - Located about 2 km from Wat Phu is Wat Nang, another ancient Angkor temple ruin and a UNESCO world heritage listed site. Thao-Tao and To Mo are other Khmer temple ruins found in this area which are worth visiting.

There are a lot of attractions to explore while basing yourself in Champasak. Some of the popular ones include:

Plan a trip to Bolaven Plateau - Bolaven Plateau is an elevated region located in the Champasak. It is a luxurious plain known for its cool climate, stunning waterfalls, forested mountains, coffee and remote villages home to the few ethnic groups in Laos. It is one of the most popular attractions for adventure, hiking and mountains.

Bolaven Plateau region has many waterfalls. Some of the famous ones are:

  • The Tad Lo Waterfalls - The Tad Lo is one of the most visited waterfalls in the Bolaven plateau. More than the waterfalls, the greenery leading to the falls is a great place to hike and enjoy amidst nature.
  • Tad Hang Waterfalls - Another beautiful waterfall located close to the Tad Lo, which can be combined.
  • That Fang - Also known as Dong Hua Sao, this 120 metre falls is the tallest waterfall in Laos. You need to hike along a well-marked trail surrounded by gorgeous mountains for about 6km to get to the waterfalls.
  • Pha Suam & Tad Yuang - Two smaller waterfalls located on the way between Pakse and Bolaven plateau known for their dense greenery.
  • Paksong - Paksong is a little hill town located on the Bolaven Plateau in the Champasak province. It is popular among the tourists for the four waterfalls and beautiful mountains surrounding the village. It is also home to many coffee plantations and is called the coffee capital of Laos. While here, plan a visit to these waterfalls.:
    • Tad Fane is the largest of the four waterfalls and very impressive. Tad Champee is a lovely waterfall where you can go Kayaking at the bottom of the falls.
    • Tad Yuang is another attractive waterfall surrounded by the mountains, which is ideal for swimming.
    • Tad E-Tu is located close to Paksong and worth visiting for the views.
    • Si Phan Don - Popular as Four Thousand Islands, it is an island group located in the Mekong River in Southern Laos. Si Phan Don comprises of numerous islands of varying sizes, some of which get submerged during the monsoon. The four main islands in the group are Don Kong, Don Khon, Don Det and Don Som. The highlight of Si Phan Don is Khone Phapheng, the most significant falls in Southeast Asia. It is one of the most visited destinations in Laos by tourists who head to the famous Don Det and Don Khon to enjoy the Mekong river life, and watersports.


Day 1: Plan a visit to all the UNESCO listed Khmer temples starting from Wat Phu. Cool off in the evening enjoying a beautiful sunset from one of the riverside restaurants followed by dinner.

Day 2: Plan a day trip to the Bolaven Plateau for waterfalls and hiking. Spend the night there or make a trip back depending on your time and preferences.

Day 3: Plan a day trip to Si Phan Don or Paksong, although Phan Don requires more than a day for enjoying. Spend time taking boat tours, island hopping and dolphin tours.


  • The best way to explore the waterfalls near Paksong is by renting a motorbike for about 8 USD per day. All these are located within 15km from the town of Paksong.
  • You can also hire a tuk-tuk or taxi although they might be hard to find. There is no entry fee, but there is a parking fee of about 1 to 2 USD in all the waterfalls.
  • There are no ATMs near the attractions or in the nearest towns. It is better to carry sufficient cash.
  • Also, the areas around waterfalls and villages have limited options for food and drinks. So carry your snacks and water.
  • There are no public toilets too.
  • Accommodation options are limited in the town and can get booked during the peak season. It is recommended to book hotels and guesthouses in advance.
  • Since Si Phan Don islands are away from the nearest bigger town, it is best to load up the necessary amenities. 
  • If you are visiting during the monsoon season, be careful of your safety.
  • Some of the islands get flooded due to heavy rains. Please check the weather before planning your trip.
  • Carry sunscreen, umbrella or a hat for the sun and raincoats as well.
  • Also, it is recommended to wear good walking shoes as it involves walking around in steep, slippery areas.

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FAQs on Champasak

What is famous about Champasak?

Champasak is one of the excellent destinations in Laos that offers a wide range of experiences for travelers. Waterfall, hiking trails, mountains, caves and ancient Khmer temples make it one of the top places to visit.

What is not so good about Champasak?

Because of its vast list of attractions, Champasak needs time unless you are here to visit Angkor ruins. If you have already been to Cambodia, then it's not worth visiting for these temples. Also, if you are short on time, traveling all the way might not seem like a feasible option.

Who should visit Champasak?

Champasak is ideal for all kinds of travelers including solo, couple travelers and people traveling with families. If you enjoy nature, hiking, waterfalls and the countryside experiences, you'll love your time at Champasak.

What is the best time to visit Champasak?

The best time to visit Champasak is between October and February. The weather is not hot, and the humidity is less during these months. It is a great time to be outdoors for hiking and visiting temples. The waterfalls in the region would also be in full flow post monsoons. From late February, summer sets in slowly with March to May being the hottest months. Monsoon begins in late July and lasts until September, with the city witnessing landslides and floods. 
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What is the best way to reach Champasak?

The nearest town to reach Champasak is Pakse. The best way to reach Pakse is by bus. Regular buses and minivans are available from cities like Luang Prabang, Vientiane and Vang Vieng, which takes between 8 to 10 hours. There are 4 bus stations in Pakse, which connects the town with other smaller cities too.

The bus ticket varies between 20 to 30 USD per person depending on the city of departure. You can also get there by renting a taxi for about 200 USD. There are flights to Pakse from Vientiane, Bangkok, Siem Reap and Luan Prabang.

From Pakse, there are minivans to Champasak, which can be booked through your hotel or via tour operators (both cost the same), for about 20000 LAK. Buses and minivans are available between 9 to 11 AM every day.

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What are the places near Champasak?

The top places near to Champasak are Vientiane which is 490 km from Champasak, Luang prabang which is located 687 km from Champasak, Nong khiaw which is located 190 km from Champasak, Siem reap which is located 266 km from Champasak, Hoi an which is located 294 km from Champasak

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