What is the best time to visit Bhuntar?

Bhuntar can be visited throughout the year. Summers are pleasant with a very windy and warm weather throughout. Weather during the monsoons is beautiful. However, frequent rains might disturb your travel plans. October onwards, the weather is extremely pleasant. December is when the winter starts setting in, and it's better to stay away when temperatures dip to sub-zero levels. However, if you wish to see snowfall, you can give a visit to this place in January or February.

Weather in Bhuntar


Upcoming Bhuntar Weather

Monthly Weather in Bhuntar

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 4 18
February 7 23
March 8 28
April 12 35
May 14 36
June 16 37
July 22 33
August 20 31
September 18 32
October 11 30
November 6 26
December 3 21

Bhuntar in Winter (September - February)

Winter approaches Bhuntar in December and lasts till February. The temperature ranges from 15 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius. Heavy woollens are preferred during this season. It snows in the months of January and February and is an ideal time for adventure seekers and honeymooners

Bhuntar in Monsoon (July - August)

July marks the beginning of the monsoon season in Bhuntar and goes on till September. During this season, Bhuntar receives infrequent rainfalls, and the area is extremely prone to landslides. Not many tourists visit Bhuntar during this period, and it is also advisable not to as the rains might hinder your plans.

Bhuntar in Summer (March - June)

The summers in Bhuntar are pleasant. The night temperature ranges from 8 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. The temperature is comfortable and inviting, with a gentle breeze in the evening. This is also the peak tourist season. It is advisable to carry some light woollens.

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