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We went to Bheemeshwari in Nov 2018, and were quite disappointed, but that could be because we had wrong expectations. So setting things straight. :) This is a very popular place for the locals nearby, and on the holidays, a lot of people come here with families to have a picnic by the riverside. Which means that it's quite crowded. Most people also litter a lot, which means you will, unfortunately, see a lot of plastic etc lying around everywhere near the river. We ultimately found a nice-ish spot after walking for 15 mins away from the crowd, but then there were a LOT of monkeys here, all around us, threatening to take our food. We had to be extremely careful and vigilant with our food etc.

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We went to Bheemeshwari today, a small village located at a distance of around 120 km from Bangalore. Despite having a clean Cauvery river flowing alongside, the bank of this place was severely littered by people coming here to picnic. We had to walk a little to find out a spot that was clean enough to set up the tent. However, with beautiful fauna and greenery around, it was totally worth spending a day there!

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Was fishing interesting? Can we catch them?

Yes there are fishing camps in Bheemeshwari where you can enjoy fishing and catch some fishes. It is a perfect place to relax during the weekends.

10 months ago by Holidify

Bheemeshwari, is that a resort name or a place?

Bheemeshwari is a quaint little place in Karnataka and worth a visit. Check out the details here-

10 months ago by Holidify

How is bheemeshwari for one day trip?

Bheemeshwari is a very nice place for a one day trip. It is not very far from Bangalore. You can go fishing or trekking, visit the pelicanry, or just simply relax by the Cauvery.

10 months ago by Devyani Chandra

What is the best time for depart from Bangalore?

Takes about 2 hours. Should leave early morning 6-7am. You will have ample time in hand.

10 months ago by Naman Sarawagi

We were actually planning to leave in night around 2-3 and reach there by 5 and enjoy morning trekking.

10 months ago by Surendra Mobiya