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How to Reach Berlin from India

Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, Etihad Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, Air India, British Airways operate flight to Berlin Tegel Airport from Mumbai, Dehli, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Pune. However there are no direct flights.

How to reach Berlin by flight

Travel to Berlin is most convenient by air. Till such time the Bradenburg International Airport is under construction flights operate to and from the Tegel (TXL) and Schonefield Airport (SXF). Lufthansa and practically all major European airlines operate direct flights to Berlin from all over Europe. Air Berlin and United fly directly from the United States to Berlin, although travel from most places outside Europe involves changing flights. Buses ply from the Tegel Airport to various subway stations and points in the city. The Airport Express and S-Bahn trains connect Sch_nefeld airport to the city centre. Taxis are also available for a ride to the city and cost around Eur — 25 - 40.

How to reach Berlin by road

Berlin is connected by A2 from the west, the A11 from the North, the A9 from the south and the A12 from the east. All these roads have outlets at the Berliner Ring (A10), the outer ring road of the city. Driving to Berlin is feasible from Warsaw, Copehagen, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Paris and London with travel time not more than 15 hours.

How to reach Berlin by train

Berlin's Hauptbahnhof receives the Euro City and Inter Regio trains from all major European cities, most of them being direct trains. The Inter City train connects Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, and Berlin. The Hauptbahnhof is centrally located and well connected to all means of public transport.

How to reach Berlin by bus

Travelling to Berlin by bus has become easy, afforadable and popular. The coaches are all ar-conditioned and some even offer free on-board Wi-Fi. Eurolines, Berlin Linien Bus, Mein Fernbus and Postbus are the major operators with buses plying from all major European cities. Most long haul buses arrive at the Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof, which is at a convenient location from S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations. Each of the operators have their respective websites which you can refer to for schedules and reservations.

How to reach Berlin by Waterways

From nearby cities.

Local transport in Berlin

The U-Bahn (underground) and the S-Bahn (light rail) are the most convenient and efficient ways of travel. The U-Bahn operates almost all through the night as well, even on weekends and public holidays. The S-Bhan trains are not as frequent and are useful for long distance travel. Buses operate at cheap prices and are quite feasible to hop from one attraction point to the other. Metro trams ply only in the east districts. Taxis and Ubers are available on the go and are fairly inexpensive. Cycling is a nice way to explore Berlin by yourself. There are several bike lanes and rental places. The U-Bahn and S-Bahn train allow cycles in the specifically so marked carriages. The Berlin Welcome Card affords unlimited free travel on all modes of public transport.

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