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Loha Prasat, Bangkok Overview

Loha Prasat, also famous as ‘Metal Castle,’ dwells inside the Wat Ratchanatdaram Woravihara along with many similar temples and relics. More often than not, the temple is overshadowed by the fame of the closely located relics such as Khaosan and Wat Saket. The imposing Loha Prasat is also considered as world’s only brazen palace (the building’s roof is made of bronze tiles).

Loha Prasat encompasses a Golden relic of Lord Buddha which has been placed the highest. The unique wood carvings and mural art on the walls and doors recite its glorifying history and its importance. Loha Prasat is surrounded by huge white temples dedicated to Buddhism, and there is a market dealing in amulets and Buddha statues is located right behind the temple.

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Architecture of Loha Prasat

The pyramid-shaped Loh Prasat temple represents 37 golden spires which constitute the 37 virtues that are mandated to achieve enlightenment. The 118 feet high edifice holding 37 glimmering metal spires is a sight to behold. The multi-storey structure has three significant levels divided into seven beautiful floors, the base level is embellished with 24 spires, the intermediate level has 12 spires and the topmost level is adorned by a single spire. There is a vacant central area with a long spiral wooden stairway leading to the top of the temple.

Loha Prasat
The golden spires of Loha Prasat

The unique geometrically aligned pillars and concentric squares of Loha Prasat somehow looks similar to a Burmese edifice. However, in actual, King Rama III initiated the construction of Loha Prasat by copying the old Buddhist Sri Lankan design. As you saunter in the galleries of the temple at various level and reach the top, you can even please yourself with a 360-degree view of the surrounding. The temple also houses a museum at the basement and a mini library on the top floor.

History Loha Prasat Metal Castle

There were only three such Loha Prasadas (brazen palace) existed in the world, of which, only Loha Prasat in Bangkok stood the test of time. The other two relics - one located in India and other in Sri Lanka, are in a declined state. Michalis - the maternal castle was the Indian construction arranged by Mrs Maha Visakah. It had 1,000 rooms with a single mound adorned with a Golden spire.

Loha Prasat was also on the verge of extinction until the current king commanded for restoration. As you enter the complex, you will find paintings and posters reciting the history of the place which also mentions the impact and influence of Sri Lanka Buddhism in its built.

Loha Prasat Metal Castle at dusk
Loha Prasat Metal Castle at dusk

Best Time to Visit

Morning hours are the best time to be at Loh Prasat. Although you can be here at any time of the day without much disturbance, the complex remains less occupied most of the times. 

How to Reach Loha Prasat Wat Ratchanatdaram

Loha Prasat is one of the many temple complexes inside the Wat Ratchanatdaram Woravihara. Both are located across the Golden Mount on the corner of Ratchadamnoen Klang and Maha Chai Road. To reach Loha Prasat, you have to simply find the route to Wat Ratchanatdaram. It is located somewhere between Maha Chai Road and Ratchadamnoen Klang in the district of Phra Nakhon. It is easily noticed on the way from Wat Saket to Wat Suthat and is a walkable distance from Wat Suthat which is situated behind the Giant Swing on the Bamrung Muang Rd. You can either take a taxi or if you are well-versed with public transport then take Bus 508. It is tough to find a sky train or a metro rail so a metered cab is among the top convenient options.

Dress Code

Make sure you are wearing appropriate attire to enter the temple complex. Anything that goes beyond your knees and covers your ankle is a good option. Do cover your shoulders as well.

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