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"Gateway to Borneo"

Balikpapan Tourism

Balikpapan ranks high among Indonesia’s popular tourist destinations. It is located on the Makassar strait in the Borneo island. Often called the ‘Gateway to Borneo’ or ‘Gateway to East Kalimantan’, it is a seaport city in Indonesia. Being home to several international mining and oil companies, it is the largest exporter of oil and related products. This makes it popular as the ‘Oil City’ of Indonesia.

From being a fishing village to becoming one of the financial hubs, Balikpapan has undergone various transformations. The influence of the Dutch East India company aided this transformation bringing many skilled labourers and immigrants to Balikpapan. However, Balikpapan’s economy was severely disturbed during the Second World War during 1942-1945.

The etymology of the city’s name points to a popular folktale. In order to save his daughter from his enemies, a King tied his daughter to the backside of planks and set her free in the ocean. Hence the name Balik (behind) papan(plank).

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With a world-class international airport and a busy seaport, Balikpapan is one of the must visit places in Indonesia. It’s stunning beaches like the Melwai Beach, Manggar Segarsari Beach and Kemala Beach are very popular attractions. Aside from that, it’s undisturbed forests are home to unique species of animals like the sun bear, swamp crocodiles and orangutans. The Orangutan Sanctuary which lies in the Samboja Lestari region is another must visit places in Balikpapan. There are many local markets and flea markets in Balikpapan that attract locals and tourists alike. The Kebun Sayur Traditional Market Square, Pasar Klandasan , Plaza Balikpapan, Fantasy Junction and Balikpapan Trade Center are some of the popular traditional and latest market areas.


Balikpapan’s nightlife is also worthy to be explored. The Dluv BBC Club, Delta KTV club , Ocean Resto and many other bars and nightclubs attract a lot of crowd making Balikpapan’s nightlife very interesting.

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What are the places near Balikpapan?

The top places near to Balikpapan are Bali which is 808 km from Balikpapan, Jakarta which is located 1236 km from Balikpapan, Makassar which is located 518 km from Balikpapan, Lombok which is located 821 km from Balikpapan, Bandung which is located 1198 km from Balikpapan

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