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Hot Springs in Bali, Bali Overview

Bali is a well-known tourist destination, recognized for its beaches, temples, adventure sports and also, its thermal springs. The hot springs scattered all over Bali are a perfect getaway for those looking for a relaxed, restful and therapeutic experience. Home to a wide range of thermal springs that are luxurious and calming, taking a swim or dip in any one of the hot springs and geysers is a definite must-do for anyone visiting Bali.

Toya Devasya, Tabanan and about twenty other places in Bali are home to the most luxurious and relaxing hot springs. These do wonders for the body, and are surrounded by picturesque landscapes that are a treat to the eyes. This is one of the best places to unwind after a long day of trekking or exploration.

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Best Time To Visit Hot Springs

The hot springs of Bali can be visited throughout the year. Bali has a tropical humid and warm climate throughout the year, with there being a distinct rainy season. The peak season is around the holidays, from December to January and from July to August. The rest of the months, from April to June and from September to November are usually when the crowds are less and rates cheaper. For those looking to club hot springs with adventure sports, should try and visit Bali during these months. However, Bali and hot springs are enjoyable at any time of the year.

Things To Do

There are a number of hot springs in Bali which are absolutely perfect for a tranquil swim or bath. Besides, the bathing experience, most of the springs are surrounded by stunning beauty. Luxury thermal springs are equipped with restaurants and lodging facilities as well. However, the main highlight of the springs remains their natural healing powers that draw visitors looking for medicinal therapies and wellness retreats. Here is taking a look at some of the most popular hot springs in Bali.

1. Banjar Hot Spring – Known for its high sulphur content, the Banjar Spring in North Bali is a popular hot spring spot. It is also a sacred site surrounded by green jungles. The waters are believed to have healing powers and both locals and tourists throng here to bathe in the warm waters that pour out of the carved dragon mouths. With many souvenir shops around, the hot spring also called Air Panas is divided into three pools.

2. Batur Hot Spring – Located at the Batur Lake which is a crater to the Mount Batur, the hot spring is a great combination of luxury and healing. The Toya Devasya, a resort, gives access to the hot spring and can soak one in opulence. The lake and hiking up the mount are additional attractions here.

3. Belulang Hot Spring – Situated just 10km away from Jatiluwah Rice Terraces, the high sulphuric waters in Belulang are a popular hot spring destination. Also, considered as one of the hottest waters of Bali, with temperatures reaching 40 deg Celsius, the spring lies close to the Beji Temple. One can also explore the surrounding villages and rice fields around the Belulang Hot Spring.

4. Angseri Hot Spring – If you are looking to enjoy the hot water bath in privacy without the crowds, then Angseri is the perfect place to be in. The private spring is surrounded by lush paddy fields and the waterfall that supplies water to the pool acts as the best natural massage for the tired body. 5km from Batukaru Temple one can also get a sneak peek into the lives of the Balinese farmers as they tend to their daily chores.

5. Tabanan Hot Springs – Situated at the edge of the riverside, the Tabanan Hot Springs gets its waters from the river that flows along the Mount Batukaru. Located amidst the rice fields these springs are known for their healing powers and skin therapies.

6. Penatahan Hot Springs – A collection of many springs around the village of Penebel, the Penatahan hot springs along with the Tabanan and Angseri hot springs form the hot spring zone in the Tabanan district. Each of these is known for their high mineral content and lush green surroundings.

The other hot springs in Bali include the Tirta Empul Temple Spring which is the holiest spring in Bali, Banyuwedang Hot Spring and more.

Thus apart from swimming in the hot springs, one can also enjoy splendid views, learn about the villages, farmers and culture, hike to watch sunsets and sunrises and enjoy luxury resorts depending on the hot spring destination that one visits.

Food and Restaurants

All the hot springs in Bali cater to the needs of the tourists. There are canteens and restaurants around the springs which are great places to hang out and enjoy sumptuous meals while admiring and relaxing in the surrounding beauty. Some hot springs are packaged with resorts, such as the Toya Devasya (Batur Hot Spring), the Mimpi Resort along the Banyuwedang Hot Spring or the Epsa Hot Spring Resort at Penatahan.

However, the hot springs that are not attached to resorts also provide for restaurant and canteens in close vicinity. The Angseri Hot Springs and Banjar Hot Springs have their own canteen and changing rooms and the Resto Desa Sari Ulam serves local food at the Batur Hot Spring. The hot spring tourism is well developed and thus you are sure to find souvenir shops and restaurants on your way to any of the hot springs in Bali.


A dip in the warm springs is one of the most relaxing remedies. Yet, a few things should be kept in mind before venturing into a hot spring. Some of the tips include:
  • Do not enter the pool immediately after a travel journey. It is advised to rest a bit before bathing in the pools to help your body relax and feel comfortable.
  • Drink lots of water before entering the spring. Once in the pool, the high temperatures will make you sweat and you might feel uneasy and dehydrated.
  • Find the right balance of food intake before entering the hot waters. Do not enter the bath after a heavy meal, neither on an empty stomach. In both cases, you are bound to feel uncomfortable and even nauseated. Eat something light before beginning the bath.
  • Enter the pool calmly and slowly. It takes time for the body to get used to the high temperature of the water. Hence take your time in trying to get acquainted with the temperature of the water. It is also a good idea to splash some water from the pool on the body before entering it fully.
  • The same holds true while getting out of the bath. Getting off suddenly can make you feel dizzy too. Make your way out of the water slowly and drink lots of water before resting.
  • The high sulphur content of the water may add colours to the clothes you wear. Thus try to avoid wearing new swimsuits or clothes as they might get frayed or discolored.
  • Avoid alcohol before entering the pool. You might feel dizzy and nauseated if you do.
  • Check the rules of the religious springs before entering. For example, the Tirta Empul Temple Hot Spring has its rules on what one should wear inside the pool.

How To Reach Hot Springs in Bali

Getting around Bali is easy and the hot spring destinations are easily accessible. Depending on which hot spring you chose to visit, there are a number of transports that can lead you. Private vehicles with drivers are the best way to travel across Bali.

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