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Large coral reefs, an assortment of marine life and the calm blue waters of the Bay of Bengal all make the name "Emerald Isle" highly suitable for the Andamans. Most popular island among all the islands for the dives, however, is Havelock. It is an ideal diving destination for everyone, right from a novice to an experienced diver. 


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Diving Spots in Andaman

Havelock Islands
A. Lighthouse- If you’re up for a night diving experience, then Lighthouse is the place for you! Suitable for all levels, you’re sure to come across varieties of sea animals such as Lionfish, Lobsters, Fusiliers, Humpback Parrot Fish and Octopus.
B. Aquarium- Considered to be a beginner’s paradise because of the soft and predictable currents, Aquarium is mostly filled with hard corals with plenty varied and colorful fish.
C. Mac Point- Want to swim with the dugongs? Head to the Mac Point, a famous scuba diving spot in Andaman.
D. Barracuda City- A rarely explored area for scuba diving, Barracuda is filled with colorful reefs and a variety of fish that will leave you in a daze. The highlight of this spot is that you get to swim with the turtles!
E. Seduction Point- Seduction Point is huge rock with innumerable staghorn corals and diverse aquatic life, this is a must on your scuba-diving list!

Neil Island
A: Margherita’s Mischief- Contradictory to its name, Margherita’s Mischief is a calm destination with crystal clear water that makes the experience of scuba-diving worthwhile. You can find many different animals; from Dugongs to blue-spotted stingrays and yellow snappers.
B. K Rock- A volcanic rock, the easy current at the K Rock makes it a perfect destination for all levels of scuba divers.
C. Bus Stop- With a sandy bottom that is filled with small reefs, Bus stop is located on the western end of the Neil Islands and should be on every scuba-diver’s to-do list.
D. Junction- Not very ideal for beginners, the Junction, located between the Neil and Havelock Islands is filled Lionfish, Marlin, Trevally and Barracudas making it a destination for people seeking some adventure.

Port Blair
A. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park- One should not miss a chance to scuba-dive in one of the most unique national parks when in Andaman. With more than 50 kinds of corals and rich aquatic life, this aquatic wonderland is a once in a lifetime experience.

Other scuba diving spots include:
North Point, Cinque island
Bala Reef, Little Andaman Island
Fish Rock, Passage Island
Corruption Rock

Cost Of Scuba Diving In Andaman

For non-certified amateur divers, charges start from about INR 3500 for a 30-minute dive and goes up to INR 6500 and more. The price varies for Shore Dive and Boat Dive. 

Best Time To Do Scuba Diving In Andamans

December to May. 

The weather can be broadly  divided into the following months

January - May: The seas are the calmest making the surface conditions best for diving
June - August: The rainy season. It is characterised by cloudy days with frequent showers that don't last long and dry sunny periods with no rain. It is an offseason and is not very advisable for Scuba Diving.

September-November: Good time to watch beautiful coral reefs. However, the winds can cause strong currents which might restrict the divers to go very deep

December - There is a 10-day Island Tourism festival happens in December. Overall a pleasant season to go diving.

Top Scuba Diving Schools In Andaman

Scuba Diving is the most sought-after activity on Havelock island. The top agencies which are certified by SSI and PADI and provide scuba facilities are Barefoot Scuba, Doongi Dives, DiveIndia, Andaman Dive Club and Andaman Bubbles. Smaller Dive schools include OceanTribe, Gold India and ScubaLuv. Andamans, with its clear waters and rich coral reserves, offers a large number of spots for shallow as well as deep dives (up to 55m). The major dive spots are: Pilot Reef (6-18m), Lighthouse (6-20m), Aquarium (12-15m), Elephant Beach (6-25m), Jackson's Bar (20-35m), The Wall (10-55m), Johnny's Gorge (25-30m), Dixon's Pinnacle (18-40m), Minerva Ledge (10-18m).

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