Shopping In Aurangabad, Ajanta and Ellora Caves Overview

Aurangabad is famous for shopping where one can stopover to buy Himroo shawls, Paithani sarees or fabric like Mashru and Kimkhab.

Paithani Weaving Cente, Gul Mandi, Connaught Shopping Market, Nirula Bazaar, Himroo Factory are some of the popular shopping spots situated in heart of the city. A visit to Connaught Shopping Market is a must if you wish to take back home some fine silks and shawls. Situated close to Zaffar Gate in Old Aurangabad, Himroo Factory, one of the major tourist attractions in Aurangabad, is an awesome place to shop for popular Himroo weaves, paithani saris, handloom shawls and lot's more.

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Aurangabad Market and Things to Buy

Gulmandi- One of the most popular and busiest shopping hubs in Aurangabad, it the best place to buy hand-made Paithani Sarees made from silk and are considered as the richest sarees in India. Available in myriad colours and patterns, you will find a wide variety of sarees which are affordable also. It is a local market located in the heart of old Aurangabad in Shahgunj and there are no air-conditioned fancy shops.

Connaught Shopping Market- This market is well-known for local handicrafts of Aurangabad. From the exquisite weaves of ‘Kam Khab’ in which gold and silver threads are woven with cotton to himroo shawls and sarees made of cotton and silk- a wide variety of mind-boggling rich textiles are available. From this market, you can buy wall hangings, bed covers or hand-woven purses.    

Nirala Bazar- If you are on the lookout for branded clothes and swanky shops, Nirala Bazaar in Aurangabad is just for you. Youngsters head here to buy branded clothes, shoes and bags. Located in the centre of the city, the bazaar offers many eateries with delicious food. 

Paithani Weaving Centre- Located on Jalna road, Pathani Weaving Centre has master weavers at work producing the most traditional handloom Paithani sarees. Original Paithani is woven with threads of gold and silver. A wide variety of sarees ranging from Double Pallu, Aswali Border, Narali Border, Muniya Border to Georgette Sarees, Intricate Pallu Sarees are available here. 

Sarafa Road- ‘Bidri’ pottery from the Bidar town of Karnataka was popularized by the Nizam of Hyderabad in Aurangabad. Pure copper, zinc and silver are used in bidri craft. It is a perfect souvenir that you can take back home. From crockery to artefacts, jewellery to candle-stands, you can choose anything you want. 

Himroo Factory- Located near Zaffar Gate in the old city, Himroo factory offers the conventional Himroo fabric. Known for its quality, Himroo shawls and sarees are mass produced here with an amazing mix of cotton and silk. The designs and patterns are inspired by Ajanta paintings.

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