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1. Ahmednagar Fort

Ahmednagar Fort

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places to visit in Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar Fort was Built in 1490 by Ahmed Nizam Shah. The fort is circular shaped, featuring 18 metres high walls and 22 bastions support it. The Ahmednagar Fort which is currently under the control of the military command of India was once known to be one of the most well-designed and impregnable forts. The Fort's defence system comprises of 24 towers and a 30 metres wide and 4 to 6 metres deep ditch. The two entrances to the fort can only be reached after crossing the 30 metres wide trench, through the suspension-drawn bridges.

2. Tomb of Salabat Khan II

Tomb of Salabat Khan II

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places to visit in Ahmednagar

Mistakenly known as Chand Bibi Palace, the monument is the Tomb of Salabat Khan II. Salabat Khan II was a minister of Murtaza, the fourth Nizam Shah King after Changiz Khan was put to death by the king in 1579. This monument is a three-storeyed structure constructed in stone is located on the crest of a hill near the city of Ahmednagar. The Tomb of Salabat Khan II is situated at an altitude of 3080 feet above sea level and around 700 feet above the city. The Tomb provides a great view of the entire city and is visible from any part of the city. The monument is believed to have been initially planned for a seven-storey complex but was only constructed for three-storey. The Building has eight sides of a plain simple structure.

3. Cavalry Tank Museum

Cavalry Tank Museum

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places to visit in Ahmednagar

A one of a kind museum in Asia that serves as a home to nearly 50 vintage Armored Fighting Vehicles, the Cavalry Tank Museum was established in 1994 by the Armored Corps Centre and School. The Museum houses a wide range of Armoured Vehicles and War Tanks of various origins dating from as recent as the Indo-Pakistani war of 1972 to those dating back to the world war I.

4. Meherabad


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places to visit in Ahmednagar

Meherabad was an ashram established by Meher Baba in the year 1923, in Arangaon Village as a haven for his followers. The Ashram soon transformed into a place of pilgrimage after the death of Meher Baba and his samadhi in the Ashram. The Site has facilities for the accommodation of Pilgrims who visit in large numbers every year, especially on the Amartithi (the day of his death on January 31). Meherabad is located at a distance of 9 km from the city of Ahmednagar.

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5. Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary

Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary

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places to visit in Ahmednagar

Spread across an area of 2.17, the Rehkuri Sanctuary is home to one of the rare and famous animals, Indian Black Buck. The Sanctuary is located at a distance of about 80 km away from Ahmednagar City in the Karjat Taluk. The Sanctuary serves as a safe haven for nearly 400 Black Bucks.

6. Pimpri Gawali

Pimpri Gawali

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places to visit in Ahmednagar

Located about 25 Km from Ahmednagar City in the Parner Taluka, Pimpri Gawali is a Model Village well known for its Watershed and Agribusiness development activities. The village of Pimpri Gawali has received numerous awards for its developmental works and has been selected as a Model Village after the Villagers changed the face of the village inspired by Activist Anna Hazare.

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What are the top sightseeing places in Ahmednagar?

The top sightseeing places in Ahmednagar are Ahmednagar Fort, Tomb of Salabat Khan II, Cavalry Tank Museum, Meherabad, Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary, Pimpri Gawali.
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