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Lothal, Ahmedabad Overview

If you are a history buff and ever so curious to peek into the lives of the older generations, you really need to visit Lothal because this is a place that ties the past and present together. Located at a distance of around 85 kms from the city of Ahmedabad, on the banks of the ancient mythical river Saraswati (which has now dried up), Lothal is a popular Indus Valley Site and a 4500 years old city discovered in 1954. Even though the place is not as thriving as it once used to be, the magic of the ruins are enough to tell you the colourful tales about the lives of the people who were inhabitants of this place. This place is full of surprises and holds a great deal of historical significance. Lothal was not only amongst one of the early successful civilization but was also a hub of industrialisation adjoining different nations. Due to its fascinating excavations and dramatic discovery, Lothal is popular among geologists, historians and archaeologists.



Lothal is translated to the ? Mound of the Dead? in English. This was a small village settled peacefully on the banks of the Sabarmati River and later became a prolific industrial centre with ties all around the world.


Lothal has had a rich and vibrant history. It has been one of the most thriving and progressive cities of the past. The city of Lothal was discovered in 1955 after the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 when the sites of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro went to be a part of Pakistan. Lothal is believed to be a business hub which had trade links with Mesopotamia Egypt and Persia. Lothal also had a prospering pottery industry and the beads made here were famous all over the world. The well planned drainage system was the highlight of this place.

Excavation Site

The site of Lothal will transport you 4500 years back and you will be able to see the thriving city which it once was through the ruins that remains. The ruins still hold the same historical significance and is more than enough to know about the past.

1. Well

The well is believed to be 4500 years old and is quite a sight to see. The well is steep with a height of 6.7 meters and is spread over 2.4 meters area. The well is built using radical bricks and it consists of a well constructed underground network of drainage system.

Well at Lothal Site

2. Dockyard

Built using fine burnt bricks, this magnificent dockyard was specifically designed so that it could withstand excess water flow. The architecture of this splendid and the tunnel opens up in the main river so that water clogging could be avoided. It is famous for its extraordinary water locking device. This dockyard was so grand that it could easily house 90 huge ships at a time.

Dock at Lothal

3. Citadel

Also known as the Acropolis, Citadel was the place where the chief lived. These homes were skillfully built on a 3 meter high platform and were replete with all the basic amenities including paved baths, underground den and a private well. This is an awestrucking place which you must see.

Town of Lothal

4. Warehouse

The warehouse was the most important structure in the Lothal civilization. Warehouses were used to store a grand amount of objects and hence had to be constructed perfectly. The warehouse was constructed near the Acropolis so that the chief could keep an eye on the construction work. It was built on a 3.5 meter high podium using mud bricks. The warehouse was huge and could sustain a large number of goods.

Lothal Warehouse

5. Houses

The houses of people even though in ruins can be distinguished. The kitchen area with its pot furnace is interesting to see. There was a distinction between the houses of rich and poor. The upper class people could afford a private brick bath and proper drainage system while the poor had to suffice only with a room. You can still see the difference very clearly and it will surely be worth witnessing.

6. Bead Maker's Factory

You can go back in time and see the factories that were in use 4500 years ago. Being a famous bead making place, the ruins of the factory are still visible. The factory included 10 living rooms and a grand workplace courtyard. Since the beads of Lothal had a high demand, the factory employed a large number of people.

7. Drainage System

Make sure to trace the drainage system of Lothal as it was a big step ahead of its time. The sanitation and hygiene facilities of the drainage system in Lothal is commendable keeping in mind the time during which it was constructed.

A Drain at Lothal

Other Places to Visit

1. Utelia Palace

Located at a mere distance of 5 km, Utelia Palace is an ancient yet marvellous palace built by Neknamdar Thakore Saheb Sur Singh. The Indo- Saracenic style of architecture is eye pleasing and magnifies the grandness of the palace. The palace houses five domes, beautiful pillared galleries, mesmerizing balconies and porticoes all built in perfection. The palace provides picturesque? beauty of the neighbouring village and the serene Bhogavo River.

Interiors of the Utelia Palace

2. Bhogavo River

Bhogavo River is a serene river in Lothal which is ideal to spend some peaceful time amidst nature. You can even dip your feet into the cool and calming water of the river and feel refreshed. The river is surrounded by lush green trees and the mesmerizing views around it are worth witnessing. Visit this river and be ready to be amazed by its tranquility and beauty.

3. Archaeological Museum

The famous archaeological Museum is located near the ruins of the ancient city. This museum has over 800 interesting articles and artifacts which have immense historical significance. Some of the artifacts showcased? include bronze and copper mirror, beautiful painted potteries, toy Bullock carts, beads, intricate jewelry and a large number of objects made with stone, chert, shell and bone. The most vibrant artifacts on display include terracotta figures from Sumeria and articles from Egypt. You can even get a glimpse of how wonderful this thriving city once was by looking at the Plaster of Paris model of the city which is reconstructed by the archaeologists. Make sure to pay a visit to this museum and learn and explore about Lothal.
Cost: INR 5
Open: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Closed on Friday

Archaelogical Museum of Lothal

4. Pushpawati Ganga

Pushpawati Ganga is a tranquil river that flows at the backdrop of Lothal covering a distance of 6 mile. The name of this river translates to ? River of Flowers? in English and it is called so because of the fact that the river is surrounded by colourful and beautiful flowers. The whole place looks mesmerizing with blooming flowers and small insects humming around them. This place is perfect to spend some peaceful time and relax. You will feel as if you are in the lap of nature and surrounded by positivity. Make sure to visit this splendid river and the magical beauty of nature that surrounds it.

Lothal is a heaven for history enthusiastic people and for the ones who love going back in time and tracing history. This place is full of wonders and you are bound to be amazed by the progress that the people of Lothal had made 4500 years ago. This place will help to explore and learn about one of the earliest civilizations and about the day to day life to people. This place is ideal for taking a break and going back in time. Make sure to plan at least a visit here.

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How To Reach Lothal

By Air: The closest airport to reach Lothal is the Ahmedabad airport which is located at a distance of 78 km. From the Ahmedabad airport you can either hire a car to reach Lothal or travel to Bhurkhi through rail and reach Lothal by either travelling in the various buses that run or hiring a car.
By Rail: The nearest railway station to reach Lothal is Bhurkhi Railway Station which is well connected in the state of Gujarat. From Bhurkhi you can either rent a car or cover the distance by settling in one of various buses that will drop you at Lothal.
By Road: The distance between Lothal and Ahmedabad is roughly 78 km which can be covered by either renting a car or taking your own car.

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