Now You Can Witness the Taj Mahal Post Sun Set

The Taj Mahal is now set to allow tourists to enter after sunset beyond the usual public access time as announced by the Union Tourism and Culture Minister Prahlad Singh Patel. 

It is said that entry will be allowed beyond the set timings of 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. By far, a post sunset access was allowed for five nights in a month at a premium only. 

The tourism ministry has planned on enhancing the area and develop infrastructure in and around the monument. Further illumination will be processed for proper visibility at night and to manage the foot fall post sunset. 

Culture Minister Prahlad Singh Patel said, "We have been receiving a lot of requests to keep the monument open during the night hours. We are dedicated to make this a reality."

Until now, night viewing was permitted only on the night of the full moon and two days prior and after it. A maximum of 400 tourists are permitted to enter the magnificent monument. They are allowed in 8 batches containing 50 people each. Cost of each ticket on such nights are INR 510 per adult and INR 500 for a child. Foreign tourists have to pay INR 750 get an access. 

The current status of this plan is that the tourist department is occupied in getting the project approved and cleared by various departments. The usual footfall of the Taj Mahal is in millions annually. It witnesses about 22,000 visitors per day. 

Not just the Taj Mahal, but the government has permitted various other popular monuments in India to extend its visiting hours until 9:00 pm. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also approved of this plan and considers it a boost in relation to the incredible India tourist campaign. This decision is surely going to double to inflow of tourists and attract more visitors from around the world.

The monuments permitted to increase hours include-  Rajarani Temple Complex (Odisha), Dulhadeo Temple, Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh), Sheikh Chilli Tomb (Haryana), Safdarjung Tomb (Delhi), Humayun's Tomb (Delhi), the group of monuments at Pattadakal and Gol Gumbaz (both Karnataka), the group of temples Markanda, Chamursi (Maharashtra), Man Mahal, Vaidhshala (Uttar Pradesh) and Rani Ki Vav (Gujarat).

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