History of Udaipur: Interesting Facts about the Glorious Past of Kashmir of Rajasthan

Royalty runs in the lanes of the city and veins of its people, and it's about time that everyone gets to know what Udaipur really is. It's not just your regular city you travel every day to, it's a damn religion. A religion that every citizen of Udaipur proudly boasts about, you will get that the moment you reach here. We are merely making an acquaintance for you, but yes an impressive one indeed.
udaipur history, history of udaipur

Udaipur Certainly, the world is familiar about the glorious rulers of Rajasthan; being a part of it Udaipur obviously has enough glory on its resume. One of those magnificent rulers is Maharana Udai Singh. There are stories that, once Maharana Udai Singh met with a sage during his hunting voyage, in the Aravalli Hills. The sage suggested him to build a castle in this rich land, which will be protected by the Aravalli itself. The lush green and hilly region stunned the mind of the Maharaja. He followed the sage's advice and initiated working on the plans for construction. Soon, the castle's walls were bricked high and construction was over until 1553 AD. The deserted lands of Udaipur accompanied by the lake are some hard to find combos. The place becomes entranced during the dawn and dust. You should just wait in silence and let the sun takes it time to rise and fall. Maybe that's the same idea the king had in mind too. 

udaipur history, history of udaipur

A prominent sun is hereditary to Udaipur, as Maharana Udai Singh is claimed to be the successor of Sisodias who are known to be the descendants of the Sun god. Sisodias are the most valiant warrior clan, claimed to be the oldest clan to ever raise a flag and rule a territory in Rajasthan. Chittorgarh was the original capital of the country of Maharana Udai Singh, Mewar, and an expanse of the Rajputana. The capital was shifted to Udaipur due to the frequent attacks by the Mughals. The king made a wise choice, as predicted by the Sage the Aravalli protected the capital Kingdom from Mughals. The vicious Mughals strike with no mercy, but the natural boundaries and bravery of Rajasthan held the line. It was the year 1568 when the Mughal Emperor managed to capture the Chittorgarh fort and other parts of Mewar. But, soon after the capital ship was transferred, Mewar regained a firm grip and recaptured most of their territory, but with an exception to the Chittorgarh Fort.

Who could have guessed, a little prophecy of a random hermit would help the Rajputs warn off the invaders. We could just imagine the time when the battle hard soldiers would return to their homes with the entire city applauding their bravery.  So many acts of valour, so many titles, names and lore just vanished with time. This is the feeling you will only get when you actually reach Udaipur. Well, a bold king leading his troops with thousands of swords and a promise towards their mother land has always been Rajasthan's strong suit.

Maharana Pratap was the Udai Singh's son and the heir to the throne. He was elected as the new king after the death of Udai Singh in 1572. Unfortunately, the Mughals never stopped. The new king fought heroically, but the war zone is not a fair gamble, you don't always win the game. And that's exactly what happened. In 1576, it was the Battle of Haldighati when the Mughal emperor Akbar was Victor against the Rajput king and claimed Udaipur as his own. Then the time came when death turned to the Great Emperor, his son Jahangir took the throne and granted the control of Udaipur to Amar Singh, Maharana Pratap's son and spawn a treaty between both Kingdoms.

Today, every parent teaches their kids not to pick a fight with anyone. It is a completely different world now; let me tell a little about the childhood of Maharana Pratap's son. With just a Prince behind his name, Amar Singh never enjoyed the perks of a castle or even a home. He was raised in the Aravalli and joined his father in battle at the tender age of 8. We can't even try to separate our young ones who are double this age, and that was the cost the Sisodias were willing to pay for freedom. After his father's death, he laid the burden on his shoulders and tried to dominate the Mughal, which eventually turned out to be a peace offering.
udaipur history, history of udaipur

When Udaipur was introduced to the British, they accepted their protection and acted as a British banner man. It was Maharana Bhim Singh who signed the treaty as he was the leading ruler at that time.The accord was honoured till the day of independence in 1947. When given a chance Udaipur willingly surrendered and become the part of the Independent India. The royal family had to yield their title as king but they were allowed to keep their castle as their ancestral lineage. Today those castles function as hereditary hotels. They even appear in James Bond movie- Octopussy and the Bollywood blockbuster Goliyon Ki Raas Leela Ram-Leela. 

Most of the travellers hire a guide put their glasses on and dash to the main streams of the city, what they do not know is, the real deal resides inside those streets. That's where you'll find true Udaipur. Talk to the people, aged people have tons of history reserved about their home land.

Udaipur is cherished by the tourist due to its artsy architecture and royal lineage. There are a number of monuments and places where you will find the traces of the past that the descendants of the Sun God left behind. The places like Bagore Ki Haveli, City Palace Udaipur, Lake Palace Udaipur, Jag Mandir Palace and Maharana Pratap Memorial are some handful of the places with hypnotic history and a transcending tranquillity. You may even boat in the blissful Pichola Lake.  

It is a wasteful effort to craft this city in words. But the best attempt was by the Prince of Wales and he quoted, ?The traveller who goes there first is liked to be a man who begins his banquets with a masterpiece and is worried to find the other dish rather dull?. With that said you must have an impression of what Udaipur is all about, so what are you waiting for just pack up and march onwards Rajasthan!

This post was published by Rishabh Thakur