Top 10 Places to Experience Snowfall in New Zealand

Snowfall in New Zealand comes along with the winter during the months of June, July and August. Though both North and South Island experience winter this time, North Island is less cold and get less snowfall as compared to the South Island. South Island transforms into a winter wonderland during these months, with snow adding to the beauty of the South Island. Below we have listed a few places to get the most of snowfall in New Zealand during the winter.

1. Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka
Lake Wanaka is one of the most exotic locations to experience snowfall in New Zealand and enjoy winter at its best. With the surrounding mountains getting capped with snow, it surely becomes a sight to behold. With the winter setting in, a plethora of activities such as tubing, fat biking, dog sledding, ice-driving, snow shoeing are mad available here, not to mention the 4 ski fields that offer great skiing experiences. There is also a snow fun zone where you can simply play around in the snow or build a snow man if you are not willing to go about with other activities mentioned above.

2. Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Tongariro Alpine Crossing
A trek across the Tongariro Crossing can be quite a challenging one in winter given its harsh and ever-changing weather conditions. The area is windy and is thickly covered with snow. The scenic beauty of the snow-covered peaks are accompanied with stunning views of the crater lakes there if you get lucky as with heavy snow they get be blanketed by snow easily Also, it is to be noted that inexperienced trekkers might find it alarmingly dangerous if not equipped with proper clothing and trekking equipments. There are quite a few guided trekking groups around the area which will help trekkers who are fairly new to trekking. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is definitely one of the best opportunities to witness snowfall in New Zealand.

 3. Mt. Ruapehu

Mt. Ruapehu
Mt. Ruapehu is one of the most important locations to experience snowfall in New Zealand. It is also an active strato volcano which erupted last in September, 2007. The area is covered with a thick layer of snow during winters which is quite a sight to see and experience. Two major areas, Whakapapa and Turoa are the two major attractions here which are the home to one of the largest ski area in New Zealand. The ski areas consist of both beginner and advanced ski areas which can be enjoyed by everyone alike. Other activities such as sledding, hiking, mountain biking can also be experienced here. Care should be taken to be extremely cautious around the area.

 4. Arthur’s Pass

Arthur's Pass
If you are a person who loves to go on drives, then a drive through Arthur's pass should definitely be on your list of things to do in New Zealand. With majestic snow-capped peaks surrounded from all sides, a drive-through here will be a memory to be cherished forever. The beauty of Arthur's Pass lies in its ever-changing course. The views constantly keep changing due to the ups and downs of the roads and it is advised that only a driver with experience drives through the pass.

 5. Mt. Hutt

Mt. Hutt
Acclaimed as one of the finest ski fields and among the best places to experience snowfall in New Zealand, Mt. Hutt offers everything memorable to people who want to enjoy the magic of snow. A wide range of activities are offered here which include but not limited to sightseeing, skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. Experience the beautiful views of the Canterbury plains below while taking a pleasant chairlift ride from Mt. Hutt. First-timers, both kids and adults can learn how to ski and snowboard here from professionals through their learner’s packages.

 6. Mt. Taranaki

Mt. Taranaki
Adding another stratovolcano to the list, Mt. Taranaki is a stunning peak where one can experience and enjoy snowfall in New Zealand on the west coast of North Island. Once you are up the mount, there is nothing but stunning views all around with a thick layer of snow everywhere. Though risky, the reward of being able to enjoy the raw beauty of the pristine white snow in contrast with the clear blue sky is quite magical that will linger in your memory for a long time to come. Since Mt. Taranaki is covered with snow from May to November and trekking and mountaineering here in winter is only safe for anyone with prior experience with a guide preferably.

 7. The Remarkables

The Remarkables Mountain Range
Yet another mountain range and a famous ski resort located in Queenstown, the Remarkables becomes a wonderland during the winter season. From sightseeing to tobogganing to skiing, the Remarkables truly have it all. While enjoying the blanket of snow that has spread all over the range, you can enjoy the stunning views of the Southern Alps while having an aerial view of Queenstown below. They also have a large skiing area where both beginners and experienced skiers can take on the slopes in style.

 8. Roys Peak

roy's Peak
Roys Peak is a paradise to everyone who loves hiking, especially in winter. A famous hiking stop in New Zealand, the thought of hiking here in winter might give you cold feet but the results are totally worth it. Added bonuses of winter include less crowds and cool and pleasant weather. The surrounding region is painted in white and a sense of serenity can be felt. A sunrise hike to this peak will prove to be magical when the first rays of sunlight begin hitting the peak and start lighting up the area gradually. Before planning a hike in Roys Peak during winter, it is advised to check the weather in advance to avoid harsh snow or rain.

 9. Milford Sound

Milford Sound
With the mountains around getting covered in snow and the days becoming shorter, life around Milford Sound becomes interesting. Winters and snow do not attract lots of crowds like summer and spring does, hence you can enjoy the snowfall in New Zealand on wintry days at Milford Sound by yourself with fewer crowds and lesser costs. Though the majority of the hiking trails are closed at this time due to heavy snow, some will still be open for a small hike.

10. Lake Tekapo

Lak Tekapo
During winters especially, Lake Tekapo has a fine touch of beauty added to it with its surrounding mountains and the terrain of the region whitewashed with snow. As for the winter activities here, Lake Tekapo has two large ski areas which give stunning views of Mt. Cook, the lake and Mackenzie Basin. The winter park here also offers a wide range of activities such as ice skating and ice hockey. Guided treks for a refreshing experience in the foothills of the Southern Alps are also carried out here.

Winter in New Zealand can be harsh and challenging and it is always advised that before undertaking any unguided activity such as trekking or mountaineering should be done with caution with the necessary equipments and suitable clothing or it might prove to be dangerous.

We hope this article outlining regarding where to experience snowfall in New Zealand was helpful to you. Do let us know of your experience in any of these places in the comments section below.

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