Nightclubs in Queenstown To Have a Great Night on the Town

Nightlife is a blast in New Zealand and the nightclubs in Queenstown are a huge part of it. So any visitor can discover something to suit their preferences, from pop music to trap music. Look out for particular events, for example, Latino evenings! Also, Queenstown gets lit up in winter with the Queenstown Winter Festival. 

The nightclubs in Queenstown are as refined and fascinating as the city itself. Regardless of whether you're searching for a tasteful joint, a spot that will undoubtedly be playing your #1 music, or someplace peaceful to lose in the evening, you'll find what you are looking for.

Here are the best nightclubs in Queenstown!

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1. Loco Cantina 

This little spot is the place where you will discover the inn swarms, as it is Nomads' and Base's accomplice bar. A blend of Mexican food, daily amusement, and live music makes Loco Cantina a great spot to party in Queenstown and one of the best nightclubs in Queenstown. 

2. Winnie 

Winnie's is an incredible spot to begin your evening – you may even wind up staying there! This setting is ideal for gatherings of all groups wanting to slip into the evening.  As the sun sets, watch as this unassuming bar transforms into a hive of action. In winter, the blend of their flavorful mixed drink menu, open dance floor, and pizzas to bite the dust for. 

Probably the best thing about Winnies is that it's one of the only nightclubs in Queenstown to give incredible food while having the option to party.
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3. Below Zero Ice Bar 

Directly not far off from Zephyr is one of Queenstown's most interesting clubs. In case you're searching for something other than the normal for a night out, you need to make a stop at Below Zero Ice Bar Queenstown.  As you enter the bar, the Ice Bar staff will take care of you, giving you gloves, coats, and all the other things you need to keep warm in this cold bar. Also, in case you're stressed over the cold temperatures, the noteworthy vodka menu will have you heated up in a matter of moments!

4. Zephyr 

In case you're here for a decent time, Zephyr is the spot to go.  A little different than the others, Zephyr is calmer than different bars on this rundown. It's an extraordinary bar that offers an incredible blend of live events all week long. At Zephyr, you will undoubtedly discover a lot of local people also vacationers blending in this setting. 

Make certain to look at the shots menu or if you're feeling parched, get one of the 750ml containing brew they serve super cold. With a pool table and an evolving playlist, you'll have the option to enjoy an entire night out in Zephyr.

5. Vinyl Underground 

Much the same as the name proposes you'll discover this club tucked under the roads of Queenstown. You'll frequently discover incredible beverage specials and live DJs playing.  Considered by numerous individuals to be the home of Queenstown's bar scene, exceptional DJs and Queenstown groups are exciting at a tempest consistently. Make certain to hit up the daily Happy Hour at 10 pm for drink specials. 

Have we missed out on any of your favourite nightclubs in Queenstown? Let us know in the comments below.


In case you're planning a night out in Queenstown, you can expect a blast. With neighborly local people, excellent beverages, and an enormous scope of spots to choose from, you're in for an extraordinary evening. In case you're searching for good live music, DJs, or a truly remarkable experience.

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