5 Easy Ways To Save Money For Travel

Given a chance in life, we’d all choose to travel to see the more significant part of the world. However, pragmatically speaking travelling comes with immense sacrifice, saving and planning; Unless of course, you can fly like the birds. While the cost of living is on the rise each day, it doesn’t mean we put off our travel plans. Little hiccups here and there and some smart decision making leads to a lovely trip.

The trend of travelling the world on a budget came with the popularity of blogging and vlogging. Instagram has lifestyle bloggers all over it who go on a budget and yet manage to have a Pinterest vacation. So here are some ideas on how to save money for travel.

1. Pick Your Type of Travel

Travel could be of many types, depending on the type of break you are looking. It could mean a trek to a nearby hill station, a soul searching trip amid nature and dense forests in the bounds of your country, a solo bike ride, a cruise overseas or even an annual trip abroad. Make a choice based on your wish and how long you intend the trip to be. More extended the trip, more the finance. For instance, a three week holiday to Kodaikanal or Ooty will be was less than a ten-day Europe tour. So decide Kashmir vs Switzerland; Pondicherry, Goa vs Bali!

2. Research About Your Destination

Once you have your mind set on a particular place, start gathering details on their local life. This research will give you an idea of their standard of living and kind of expenses you’ll face on your trip. And importantly opt for inexpensive places to stay there, like hostels and homestays like Airbnb or motels. Instead of staying at Hilton, Westin, this way you will hence get a feel of the local city without burning a hole in your pocket!

3. Ink Down Your Expenses

Saving money starts by noting down your expenses. From daily requirements to extravagant buying, note it all down for a week. This bookkeeping will help you keep a tab, and as you do so for a week, you will be able to analyse when and where to cut down. That overly excessive, expensive top from Zara was not your current requirement; you will learn this and discover much more of reckless buying. Apps like ‘’ will aid in this process.

4. Bring out the Piggy Bank

Now that you have a fair idea about your trip and learnt of all your miscellaneous expenses cut down all your other expenditure. Be it a membership (salon, club, overly big Netflix account for just one person?) fee you’ve been paying every month for a service you don’t use, bar hopping with your buds when you could have a subtle yet rocking time drinking at home, fancy restaurants, incessant shopping; rid of all of this now. In terms of cost cutting, get a roommate to split your rent in half, take a walk instead of driving– long walks are fun when you have just the right company,  be your masseuse when you need to relax!

5. Save! Save! Save!

A lot of couples these days save a part of their paycheck and create a travel fund. Something like this will help you go on mini vacations every other month. Celebrity Youtube couples introduced this trend, and it is indeed a great idea! Save lump-sums in a piggy bank the way we used to do it as kids or deposit it in a bank, and you may earn interest for your gesture. If you’re a student keep some money aside and pick up some shifts after college, you could make your way for a getaway.

We all have a hidden talent or even a hobby, its time to make money out of it. If you like to do artistic work, customise your art for friends and your known social group and sell it. It is a great way to optimise your skills.

Yes, this sounds like a lot of sacrifices, but being wandering the world will make it worth it! Don’t restrict yourself for the world was meant to be explored. Some of the beautiful places on Earth might be far away; for a traveller, everything is a wish away. So set your heart on a dream vacay and motivate yourself to work towards it, and there will be no such feeling like making your dreams come true on your own accord. Bon Voyage for the wanderer in you!

This post was published by Prithika Maria