Coffee in Istanbul: 15 Best Places for Turkish Coffee

If you are a coffee lover and don’t try as much Turkish coffee as you can when in Istanbul, your trip isn’t complete! Deliciously rich and strong, Turkish coffee uses finely ground beans that are brewed by boiling and is said to date back to the 15th century when it was brought into the Ottoman empire by merchants. The most popular kind of Turkish coffee is ibrik or cezve coffee. Still, the coffee culture in the country is changing, with different kinds of roasts being commonly available. So, when you travel to Istanbul, make sure to visit its many cafes and roasters to taste its incredible coffee. 

What Makes Turkish Coffee Special in Istanbul?

Turkish coffee
Turkish coffee is prepared using finely ground beans that are usually brewed in a pot called cezve by boiling it with water. Once it starts foaming just before reaching the boiling point, it is poured into the cups, where the coffee grinds are left to settle at the bottom. Since it is unfiltered, the coffee is stronger and tastes richer. You can have it unsweetened or add some sugar and cardamom. Along with its wonderful taste, Turkish coffee is also good for health owing to its beneficial compounds.

15 Best Coffee Shops in Istanbul

1. Coffee Sapiens

Coffee Sapiens in Istanbul
Coffee Sapiens is a must-visit coffee shop and roastery in Istanbul since it is famous for buying coffee from all over the world and roasting it themselves. What’s special about them is that they roast their coffee using different methods and often experiment to bring you aromatic coffee; you can get American and African brews here too. The coffee shop isn’t too big, but its exposed-brick walls, wooden accents and coloured chairs make for a cosy space. You can also sit outside. Their menu includes sandwiches and delicious desserts like cheesecake, red velvet cupcakes, apple crumble, brownies, etc. 
Address: Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa, Kılıç Ali Paşa Mescidi Sk. No:10 D:C, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM (Monday to Sunday), 8:00 AM - 11:30 PM (Sunday)
Popular coffees: Affogato, Cortado, Flat white, Black eye, Iced Americano, Bicerin, Turkish coffee, Latte macchiato etc. 
Approximate cost: TL 50 for two

2. Petra Roasting Co.

Petra Roasting Co. in Istanbul
With 6 branches across Istanbul, Petra Roasting Co. is a famous coffee shop and roastery that imports green coffee seeds and roasts them locally to make single-origin products. They are known for not having blends and for not adding any flavouring to their coffee, thus making it rich and delicious. It has industrial-style decor with grey walls, metal shelves holding coffee filters, carafes, tumblers etc., wooden chairs and tables, yellow lights and posters on the walls. Besides coffee, their extensive menu also features matcha, spice tea, kombucha, breakfast burritos, pancakes, burgers, pulled beef ribs etc. 
Address: Gayrettepe, Hoşsohbet Sokaği Selenium Residence D:Mağaza 1, 34349 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM (Monday to Friday), 10:30 AM - 7:00 PM (Saturday to Sunday)
Popular coffees: Cortado, Espresso, Ruanda gitesi, Iced Americano, Portakal suyu, Affogato, Turkish coffee etc. 
Approximate cost: TL 100 - TL 130 for two

3. Cup of Joy

Cup of Joy in Istanbul
A well-known boutique and third-wave coffee shop with five branches in Istanbul, Cup of Joy is the perfect choice for you if you want to try blend as well as single-origin made using different techniques. Its interiors are fun and trendy, featuring a neon sign at the entrance, walls plastered with images, marble-top tables with wooden and colourful chairs, shelves filled with plants, hanging lights etc. They also have a great breakfast menu that consists of pancakes, yoghurt with granola, eggs benedict, burgers, toast and much more.  
Address: Levazım, Koru Sokağı No:2, 34340 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM (Monday, Wednesday, Friday to Sunday), 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM (Tuesday, Thursday)
Popular coffees: Turkish coffee, Piccolo, Espresso Fredo, Cortado, Iced Macchiato, Cold Drip, Latte etc.
Approximate cost: TL 100 for two

4. Kronotrop

Kronotrop in Istanbul
Kronotrop, located close to Taksim Square, is one of Istanbul’s oldest third-wave coffee shops and has a few branches across the city. They are synonymous with fair and direct trade and bring to you coffee sourced from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Tana, Adado and Toraja that is then roasted on a Loring S15 Falcon. It is a quaint little space that gives off relaxing vibes; its interiors include beige and brick walls, hanging bulbs, wooden chairs and tables etc. You must also get something to eat along with coffee as they also serve mouth-watering snacks and desserts like sandwiches, brownies, tiramisu, eclairs, croissants and more. 
Address: Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa, Karaali Kaptan Sk. No:4 D:Karaköy, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Popular coffees: Americano Orta, Cortado, Flitre Kahve, Flat white, Vegan Latte, Cappuccino etc. 
Approximate cost: TL 60 for two

5. Coffeetopia

Coffeetopia in Istanbul
Synonymous with single-estate coffee, Coffeetopia in Istanbul is situated close to the Spice Bazaar and New Mosque and is worth a visit if you are a coffee lover. Their coffee is made from freshly roasted and ground beans and is perhaps some of the best you might have in the city. This small coffee shop has simple decor, including wooden flooring, beige and exposed-brick walls, hanging lights, a bookshelf, coloured chairs and more. Don’t miss out on their other beverages, such as fresh juices, iced tea, smoothies, and hot chocolate, as well as their tasty food, like raspberry cheesecake, chocolate brownies, croissant platter and smoked turkey toast. 
Address: Hobyar, Arpacılar Cd. No:4, 34112 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 7:00 AM 10:00 PM
Popular coffees: Ristretto, Americano, Espresso Macchiato, Turkish coffee, Affogato, White Mocha, Cortado etc. 
Approximate cost: TL 50 for two

6. MOC

MOC in Istanbul
One of Turkey's most popular coffee shops, MOC is known for serving delicious coffee, mostly roasted in the Australian style. There are 12 MOC coffee shops in Istanbul. They boast minimalistic yet charming interiors that feature wooden furniture, leather couches, hanging lights, bookshelves stacked with books and, pictures and posters on the walls. Along with different kinds of coffee, they also serve green tea, jasmine tea, Bardak Çay, chai latte and Ihlamur. Don’t forget to try something from their food menu that features beef ham sandwiches, three cheese bagels, tiramisu, high grain salads, Orman Meyveli Turta. 
Address: Teşvikiye Mah, Şakayık Sk. No: 4/A, 34365 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM (Sunday), 8:00 AM - 12:30 AM (Tuesday, Friday), 8:00 AM - 12:00 AM (Wednesday - Thursday, Saturday)
Popular coffees: Piccolo latte, Ristretto, Australian Cappuccino, Turkish coffee, Espresso Lungo etc. 
Approximate cost: TL 50 for two

7. Federal Coffee Company

Federal Coffee Company in Istanbul
Situated in the heart of the city near the Galata Tower, Federal Coffee Company should surely be on your list of coffee shops to visit. They are most popular for Australian coffee, innovative coffee, and cold brews. The cafe boasts rustic vibes and a casual ambience owing to its dark wooden furniture, exposed brick walls, walls lined with photographs and bookshelves, plants etc. You can also sit in the outside area. Try some of their tasty food, such as Turkish breakfast, pancakes, cheeseburgers, pasta, etc.  
Address: Teşvikiye, Teşvikiye Yol Sokak No:34, 34365 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Popular coffees: Romano, Ristretto, Türk Kahvesi, Zebra Mocha, Milky Way, Ice White Mocha, Con Panna etc. 
Approximate cost: TL 100 for two

8. Bond Coffee Co.

Bond Coffee Co. in Istanbul
Bond Coffee Co. has been serving wonderful coffee in Istanbul for over 5 years and has come to be known for its 8 different brewing techniques. Some of the most popular items on their menu are Bond brews made with Chemex, v60 drip techniques, AeroPress etc. The coffee shop has simplistic interiors comprising white walls, wooden furniture, hanging bulbs, bookshelves and lots of plants. Make sure to try out their desserts like cheesecakes, fruit tarts, muffins, cream rolls and pancakes. They also frequently organise workshops where you can learn about coffee culture and how to brew coffee at home. 
Address: Mecidiye, Dereboyu Cd. No: 121-123/B, 34347 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 8:00 AM - 12:00 AM 
Popular coffees: Double Espresso, Caramel Cafe Latte, Aeropress, Türk Kahvesi, Americano, Cold Brew etc. 
Approximate cost: TL 30 for two

9. Cafe Ara

Cafe Ara in Istanbul
Cafe Ara is a slightly upscale cafe in Istanbul with a wonderful coffee and food menu and boasting cosy vibes. The inside feature dark green walls with paintings, wooden furniture, glass doors with stained panels, paintings, vintage radios etc. There is also an outdoor seating area. Along with their coffee, you must try out their mouth-watering food, such as hamburgers, Selanik sandwiches, penne pasta, Turkish-style dumplings, cheesecake, wet chocolate cake etc. 
Address: Tomtom, Ara Güler Sk No:2, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 9:00 AM - 11:30 PM (Monday to Friday), 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM (Saturday to Sunday)
Popular coffees: Türk Kahvesi, Espresso, Piccolo, Americano, Buzlu Latte, Cappuccino, Latte etc. 
Approximate cost: TL 100- TL 130 for two

10. Walter’s Coffee Roastery

Walter's Coffee Roastery
Walter’s Coffee Roastery in Istanbul is the world’s first Coffee Super Lab and is a Breaking Bad-inspired coffee shop whose interiors resemble those of a chemical lab. The cafe has light grey walls, a white tile counter, a large menu on the wall that looks like the periodic table, hanging lights, lab equipment-like glasses, and serves dressed in yellow hazmat suits. Their coffee is made using freshly ground beans and can be had with food items like cookies, cheesecake, muffins, doughnuts, croissants etc. Moreover, you can also watch the coffee grinding process.
Address: Caferağa, Bademaltı Sk. No:21, 34710 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Popular coffees: Iced Americano, Chemex, Flat White, Black Eye, Mocha, Affogato, Japanese Cold Brew etc.
Approximate cost: TL 60 - TL 70 for two

11. Coffee Manifesto

Coffee Manifesto in Istanbul
Another one of Istanbul’s third-wave coffee shops, Coffee Manifesto, is popular for serving 8 different tasty flavours alongside traditional Turkish coffee. Their coffee is fiar trade and made from high-quality beans that they roast themselves. It is a charming little cafe with wood panelling on the cream-coloured walls, wooden chairs and a coffee bar that resembles a laboratory. You would also like their food; their menu includes tasty dishes like lahmacun, lamb kebabs, pasta, turkey sandwiches, crumble cake, chocolate pie etc. 
Address: Caferağa, Güneşli Bahçe Sok No:40 A, 34710 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Popular coffees: Ristretto, Affogato, Caffe Latte, Filtre Kahve, Chemex, Classic Italian Espresso, Cold Brew etc. 
Approximate cost: TL 40 - TL 50 for two

12. Montag

Montag in Istanbul
Montag is a famous coffee shop and roastery situated in Istanbul’s Kadikoy neighbourhood that roasts coffee such that it turns out very aromatic, sweet and strong. This 2-storeyed cafe isn’t very big but has relaxed vibes because of its white walls with pictures, black chairs, marble-top tables, hanging lights and plants. You can also try out other beverages here, like iced matcha latte, kombucha, coconut milk oolong and Darjeeling tea, along with desserts like brownies, cheesecake, cookies and cinnamon rolls. 
Address: Caferağa, Muvakkıthane Cd. No:16/A D:Kat:1, 34710, 34710 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Monday to Thursday), 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM (Friday to Saturday), 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM (Sunday)
Popular coffees: Cortado, Flat White, Flitre Kahve, Iced Americano, Espresso, Mocha, Japanese Iced Coffee etc. 
Approximate cost: TL 50 for two

13. Starbucks in Bebek

Starbucks in Istanbul
A chain of coffee shops known all over the world, Starbucks also has numerous branches in Istanbul. What makes the one in Bebek so special is not only that it is the first Starbucks to have opened in Turkey but also its amazing views of the Bosphorus. If you visit during the summertime, you can sit in the outside area and sip on some coffee while enjoying views of the yachts passing by. It is a multi-storeyed establishment with interiors like most other Starbucks, with wooden panelling everywhere, black chairs, hanging lights and a display of accessories that you can buy. You can also try their different snacks like the crunchy pane ciabatta, mini brownies, lemon cake, tiramisu, quinoa salad and more. 
Address: Bebek, Cevdet Paşa Cd. No:30, 34342 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 6:30 AM - 1:00 AM 
Popular coffees: Turkish Coffee, Ristretto Bianco, Iced Cafe Mocha, Caffe Americano, Cold Brew, Toffee Nut Latte etc. 
Approximate cost: TL 60 - TL 70 for two

14. Brew Coffeeworks

Brew Coffeeworks in Istanbul
Brew Coffeeworks is a popular coffee shop in Istanbul that is situated within a hundred-year-old Ottoman building and is synonymous with the Italian coffee culture. They are best known for their espresso-based coffees, but they do serve other kinds, including the classic Turkish coffee. The coffee shop’s interiors are quite opulent owing to its wood-panelled walls, hanging yellow lights, turquoise coffee bar and chairs, couches, wooden accents etc. You must also try out other items from their menus, such as their mocktails, bagels, tuna & avocado sandwiches, croissants, cold brew tiramisu and ice cream. 
Address: Hobyar, Hamidiye Cd. No:16, 34112 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Monday to Friday), 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM (Saturday to Sunday)
Popular coffees: Ristretto, Bongo, Türk Kahvesi, Marocchino, Doppio, Americano, Latte Macchiato, Wood Neck etc. 
Approximate cost: TL 60 - TL 80 for two

15. Viyana Kahvesi 

Viyana Kahvesi
Located in the Galata neighbourhood of Istanbul, Viyana Kahvesi is a renowned coffee shop with 6 other branches in the city that is also an ode to the Viennese coffee house culture. They bring you the perfect combination of Viennese and Turkish coffee and serve coffee from around the world. Its interiors are small but cosy and feature exposed brick walls, hanging lights, shelves full of coffee packets and other accessories, and a massive display of delicious snacks and desserts. There is also an outdoor seating area. If you feel like getting something to eat alongside your coffee, try their white chocolate brownies, Brussels waffles, French éclairs or croissants. 
Address: Bereketzade, Büyük Hendek Cd. No:19/A, 34421 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey
Timings: 7:00 AM - 12:00 AM 
Popular coffees: Espresso Con Panna, Türk Kahvesi, Buzlu Americano, AeroPress, Red Eye, Cappuccino etc. 
Approximate cost: TL 100 for two
When you are touring Istanbul, it goes without saying that you should try out the tasty Turkish coffee as it is an absolute treat for coffee aficionados, not only because it is prepared in a unique way but also because it is rich and caffeinated. There are many cafes and roasters around the city where you can try out this flavoursome coffee and buy packaged coffee beans to take home with you as souvenirs.

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