Best Baklava in Istanbul - Everything about the Turkish Dessert

Baklava is the all-time favorite traditional pastry dessert originating in the heart of Turkey. This ancient pastry finds its origin in the Central Asian Turkic tribes and also finds mention in the kitchens of Topkapi Palace during the Ottoman empire's tenure.  Istanbul serves various kinds of Baklava in various forms. The rich flavors mix up with the flaky texture of the phyllo sheets, the sweet, tantalizing syrup of honey and spices, and the heartwarming experience - everything makes Baklava the heartthrob of the land. 

What is Baklava? 

This traditional pastry dessert is famous for its creamy flavor merged with flaky layers. Baklava is a sweet dish, served in all parts of Turkey. The main ingredients which are required to make Baklava are finely done phyllo sheets, the sweet syrup to pore in between the layers some nuts, and pure butter.

The phyllo sheets should be made as thin as possible, just like paper. The thinner the sheets the tastier it becomes. In between, there is sugar syrup which is often made up of honey, sugar, and spices. Different toppings and layers of nuts are also added according to the kind of baklava. The sweet syrup is left there inside phyllo layers to soak in the sweetness.

Origin of Baklava

You can often find mention of this sweet traditional pastry dessert in Turkish, Arab, and Iranian cuisine which is present since the pre-Ottoman era. It is still difficult to say which baklava belongs to which country but the first few instances were seen in the Assyrian empire during 800 BC. During that time the bread dough was made into fine layers and inside these layers, finely chopped nuts and syrup were inserted. Later the Greeks also started liking this dessert and slowly believed that it was them who found this dessert.

To find the best Baklava in Istanbul, visit these best places in Istanbul now

1. Karakoy Gulluoglu

Karakoy  Gulluoglu
Karakoy Gulluoglu
First started by Haci Mehmet Gullu of the Gulluoglu family in Turkey, the world-famous Karakoy Restaurant serving all kinds of Baklava is a must-have in Turkey. After receiving extensive training from the regions where Baklava originated, like the region that reigned during the Ottoman Empire, he started this business in Turkey.
Freshly baked in the oven daily, these baklavas also have wide varieties. The mention-worthy includes the classic assorted Baklava mix, gluten-free Baklava with a layer of pistachio, chocolate baklava, Kadayifi with pistachio, and whatnot. If you want to preserve some and savor the delicacy with time, you can try out the long-lasting dry Baklava with pistachio. Karakoy has also introduced an all-new Baklava Burger in the house to add contemporary charm.
Address : Karaköy Güllüoğlu, Kemankeş Cad. Katlı Otopark Altı No: 3-4, 34425 Beyoğlu, Turkey
Must have
- Long Lasting Baklava - $22, Diabak with Pistachio - $ 22.03

2. Koskeroglu Baklava

Representational Image
Reigning in Istanbul with classic Baklava, the Koskeroglu Baklava was established in 1946 by Haci Mehmet Ali in Gaziantep. This family business has till now four branches spread all over the country and has a restaurant along with this. 
The specialty of Koskeroglu Baklava is its taste. They make a limited amount of freshly wooden baked Baklava. All raw materials, like baby pistachio, butter, and other ingredients like honey syrup and walnuts, are locally sourced and procured. While many new additions to the Baklava family add contemporary ingredients, the Koskeroglu has kept the traditional recipe intact. The Pistachio Baklava wrapped in delicate layers of phyllo is pure joy. You can also try the walnut Baklava and also other items like Special Plain Kadayif with a plate of Aleppo Burma.
Address : Karaköy Köşkeroğlu Merkez, Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa, Kat Otoparkı altı, Mumhane Cd., 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey
Must-Have - Pistachio Dry Baklava, Bridal Pack, and Private Prince

3. Gaziburma Mustafa baklava

Gaziburma Mustafa Baklava
Gaziburma Mustafa Baklava
The traditional taste of Baklava has found its ultimate home in Gaziburma Mustafa Baklava, located in Pendik, for more than 30 years now. The specialty is the preparation of countless sweet dishes with the same taste every day. Starting from Baklava to sobiyet - everything is a must-try. They do not use any additives and try to bring out the fresh flavors of the nuts, butter, and honey syrup in the baklavas. The fresh pistachios, zero usage of artificial sweeteners, special flour, natural sherbet, and traditional recipe make the Baklava of Gaziburma all the more famous.
There are countless varieties of baklavas here. You can try the Pistachio Baklava, Walnut Baklava, Sobiyet, Fistikzade, and palace wrap. The bread pudding and carrot slices are equally savoring. If you have more appetite left, you can also try the freshwater pastry from over with unique flavors.
Address - 52 A, Dr. Orhan Maltepe Cd., Pendik / İstanbul
Must Have - Pistachio Baklava, Walnut Baklava and Cevizzade

4. Kasibeyaz Baklava

Kasibeyaz Baklava
If you are into Turkish dining and trying to find a restaurant serving exceptional meat items along with fresh Baklava, head towards Kasibeyaz. Kasibeyaz Baklava is a part of the Kasibeyaz Taste Group and was established around 2001. They have been in the business of food and savor in southeast Anatolia for more than 40 years. The specialty of the Kasibeyaz style baklava is the thin paper-like dough which is as crunchy as possible. The filling is equally enticing, and you can taste the famous Antep pistachio.
There is the multi-layered Baklava with walnuts, peanuts, pistachio, Dolama, Carrot SLice with clarified butter, and Antep pistachio. Order the fantastic Kebabs and relish the taste if you want to dine. The grill items are equally famous in Kasibeyaz. Do not forget to conclude your dinner with the varied baklavas.
Address - Kaşıbeyaz Baklava Beyazıt, Mollafenari, Yeniçeriler Cd. No 46/B, 34120 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey
Must Have - Dry Baklava, Antep Pistachio Baklava

5. Emiroglu Baklava

Emiroglu Baklava
Emiroglu Baklava
Managed by the Sevim family,  Emiroglu Baklava serves one of the freshest and most balanced baklava recipes in the heart of Istanbul. They opened the first Emiroglu Baklava in Sahrayicedit in 1986 and mastered the art of Baklava in this land. There are 6 branches of the store, and they manage all. What makes them different is sourcing pistachios from Antep Barak and procuring oil from Sanliurfa. There are multiple options in Baklava, and trying at least a handful is a must. Try the Roll Baklava, the extraordinary Mussel Baklava, Pistachio Baklava, and the Dry Baklava. The most fascinating is the Bird's Eye Baklava which looks exactly like a bird's eye and tastes heavenly. If you are aiming to eat something healthy and light, the Carrot Slice Baklava is the best suit. Apart from Baklava, Emiroglu also serves mouth-watering Cheese Pie and amazing Meat Pastry. Conclude your hunger with some Burmese Kadayif in a traditional taste.
Address : Emiroğlu Baklava, Sahrayı Cedit, Ataturk Cd. No:29/B, 34734 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey
Must have - Birds Eye at 21 USD, Roll Baklava at 21 USD, Mussel Baklava at 20 USD

6. Hamdi

Hamdi Restaurant
Hamdi Restaurant
With the sole aim to cater south eastern cuisine of Turkey to Istanbul, the famous Hamdi restaurant came into existence in the 1960s. Hamdi Arpaci opened it from Urfa Birecik and the first counter was opened near the Eminonu Yeni Mosque. They started to serve delicious kebabs and slowly became famous, leading to Hamdi Meat Restaurant's opening. The baklavas by the Hamdi restaurant are incomparable regarding quality, texture, and flavors.
Hamdi offers a seating capacity of 320 and is taken care of by more than 100 trained professionals. The creatively curated walls carry the essence of Turkish culture. If you want to have dinner, start with crushed salad and Tulum cheese followed by Six Meat Kebab, Beyti Kebab, and the unique Pistachio Kebab. The best way to conclude your dinner is to order some baklava. There is the walnut baklava, the unique Hamdi baklava, the Sobiyet, and Special Square Baklava.
Address - Tahmis Cad. Kalçın Sokak No:11 Eminönü - İstanbul
Must- Have - Special Hamdi Baklava and Square Special Baklava

7. Hafiz Mustafa 1864

Hafiz Mustafa 864
Hafiz Mustafa 1864
The famous Hafiz Mustafa 1864 was founded by Hadji Ismail Hakki Bey, which was later taken over by his son Hafiz Mustafa. This restaurant is now managed and taken over by the son of Hafiz Mustafa, Cemil Bey. Starting the journey as one of the first producers of sugar candy, this eatery is also well known for making pogaca, the salty pastry. They have more than a dozen branches all over.
The traditional gourmet dessert of Turkey, Baklava, is found in different shapes and sizes here. Try the exquisite Afet-i Devran, Harem Plate, Pistachio Padisah, Sadrazam Plate, or the Walnut Baklava. If you are into chocolate, you can also taste the Chocolate PistachioBaklava or the Chocolate Walnut Baklava. The Pistachio overloaded Kivrim is a must-try here. Apart from the Baklava, there are premium Turkish delights like the Milk Pistachio Turkish delight and extraordinary cakes.
Address : Hafiz Mustafa 1864, Hoca Pasa, Muradiye Cd. No:51, 34080 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey
Must Have - Afet-i Devran, Yeniceri Plate and Special Sobiyet\

8. Bilgeoglu Baklava

Bilgeoglu Baklava
If you are roaming around in the Anatolian side of Istanbul and have not tasted the Baklava in Bilgeoglu Baklava, it's a sin. This small eatery was founded in 1956 in Kadikoy and, from that time, has been serving one of the tastiest baklavas in the city. It has only one branch, and they keep limited, tasty baklavas and other dishes. 
The best on the menu includes the Pistachio Baklava, the Walnut Baklava, and the Dry Baklava. If you are exploring more baklavas, do not miss trying the famous Sobiyet, where the cream melts into the pistachio phyllo bursting flavors inside the mouth. Conclude your sweet endeavor with some classic Turkish coffee in Bilginoglu.
Address : Bilginoglu Baklava, Bahariye Caddesi, Nail Bey Sk. No: 1-B, Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey
Must-Have - Cream-filled Pistachio Sobiyet

9. Haci Bozan Ogullari 1948

The journey of Hacı Bozan Oğulları 1948 started in 1948 when Haci Bozan's sons decided to start their bakery and focus entirely on the kebab, baklava, and pastry sector. Currently, they own more than ten branches in Istanbul and serve more than 10 thousand customers daily. The specialty is the raw materials used to make this beautiful dessert. They use pure butter from sheep and cows fed only in the Sanliurfa Tek Tek Mountains region, special walnut from the Tokat Niksar region, and hazelnut from the Giresun region.
Try the walnut baklava with a soft, crunchy, and thin phyllo. Locals and tourists around the year also love the hazelnut-infused Baklava.
Address - Bahçelievler Merkez, Köroğlu Sk. 2/B, 34180 Bahçelievler/İstanbul, Turkey
Must Have - Walnut Baklava, Hazelnut Baklava, Dry Baklava

10. Gaziantep Baklavacısı Mehmet Usta

Gaziantep Baklavacısı Mehmet Usta
Try the fresh, additive-free, and mesmerizing traditional baklava recipe at Gaziantep Baklavacısı Mehmet Usta, who have been in this business of baklava production since 1983. This was established by Mehmet CAN, who proudly used the slogan 'Baklava is our business and played a crucial role in making this dessert world famous. Every day, all the baklavas are produced by hand using the best natural products. Gaziantep Baklavacısı also produces magnificent flavors that readily remind you of Istanbul's traditions and culture. They have three branches spread across the city, which tries to keep the Turkish baklava taste alive.
There are numerous kinds of baklavas available here. From enjoying Pistachio wrap made up with special pistachio kernels and clarified butter to savoring the dry Baklava with peanut, milk, and semolina - you can have it all. Other tasty dishes are namely the Burma Kadayif, Kadayif Wrap, Carrot Slice, Sobiyet, House break, and many more
Address - Karslı Ahmet Cd. Eryuva Sitesi E/Blok No:51/3, 34752 Istanbul, Turkey, İçerenköy Mh., İçerenköy
Must-Have - Sultan with peanut and semolina, Baklava with walnut, Pistachio wrap

11. Sec Baklavan

Sec Baklavan is a subsidiary of Sec Bus ve Turizm Isletmesi AS and has been serving the people of Istanbul with the freshest Baklava for 29 years. The specialty of the baklavas found here is the flavor and the fact that it contains zero additives and preservatives. The pistachios are selected uniquely, and only clarified butter is used to give that smooth flowy texture to the baklavas. There are branches of Sec Baklava spread in Gaziantep, Adana, and Istanbul.
The Baklava menu is even longer than imagined. There is the Clams baklava, Nightingale’s nest, Sbiyet with peanut, Pistachio baklava and many more. Apart from the star dish, you can also try the water pastry and pistachio cookies, which make Sec Baklavan eatery even more famous.
Address : Address: New Bus Station No: 37 Şehitkamil / GAZİANTEP
Must-Have - Sobiyet with Peanut and Special Square Baklava with Pistachio

Visiting Istanbul and not tasting the 'sweet' side of the city is a grave mistake. Baklava, the traditional dessert of the region, is rich in culture and flavors. Hurry, grab Baklava now!

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