Getting Around Costa Rica

Getting Around in Costa Rica

All the bus services of Costa Rica are centred in San Jose. Buses are comfortable to commute within the country while travelers prefer taxis only for short trips. Self-driving in Costa Rica comes with its own pros and cons. While driving is time consuming and irritating with all potholes and ditches on roads, you can enjoy natural beauty on the way. Rail network is quite limited in the country. Flights, though expensive, are the quickest way to get around. There is ony one port in Puntarenas providing ferrying services.

Getting Around Costa Rica By Air

There are many domestic and international airports in Costa Rica which connects major cities of the countries through regular flights. There are two major domestic airlines- Nature Air and Sansa. This mode is expensive but, quickest way to explore the country. Also, changes in flight schedules are common due to frequent rain storms.

Getting Around Costa Rica By Rail

The rail network of Costa Rica was destroyed in an earthquake in 1991. Since then, the entire network had to be shut down but, some routes now have been revived which link San Jose, Pacific Coast and Heredia.

Getting Around Costa Rica By Road

Public transport in Costa Rica is quite frequent and buses are the cheapest option to get around the country. The capital city of San Jose is the hub of all buses. There are air-conditioned and spacious buses running between major cities and towns of Costa Rica. Minibuses are also preferred by travelers. Taxis might also work for short trips. Negotiation with taxi drivers is common if you are in an unmetered cab. Car rental is a good option if you want to explore the country at your own pace. However, driving in Costa Rica can prove to be a nightmare because of all the potholes and graves on the roads.

Getting Around Costa Rica By Water

Puntarenas, which is located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, has one port called Caldera which is the oldest port of the country. There are regular ferrying services provided from Puntarenas to other cities like Paquera, Tambor, Santa Teresa or Montezuma.

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