Getting Around Canada

Getting Around in Canada

The public transportation system in Canada is commendable. Buses are the most preferred mode of transportation as they are cheaper than trains. They are safe, comfortable ,clean, punctual and cover most parts of the country making them the ideal choice to get around.

Getting Around Canada By Air

Air travel is expensive so its best to go for advane booking in order to find cheaper tickets. The two major airlines are Air Canada and Canadian Airlines International.

Getting Around Canada By Rail

Some of the trains include Canadian Pacific Railway, Canadian National Railway, and Via Rail.Long distance train services include Amtrak, the US rail system, the renowned privately run train service The Rocky Mountaineer, as well as some regional lines such as the British Columbia Rail, Quebec North Shore and Labrador railway and Ontario Northland.

Getting Around Canada By Road

Renting a car is an efficient way to get around as the roads are marked and maintained. Taxis are quite expensive so they are only used when there is no other option. Use of seatbelts is neccessary ad violating this rule will lead to large fines.

Getting Around Canada By Water

In coastal areas of Canada such as British Columbia and the Atlantic region, ferry boats are a common way to travel.

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