Getting Around Mexico

Getting Around in Mexico

Mexico has a variety of affordable and efficient options for getting around. Mexico has a highly developed public and private transport system, the bus network is an excellent mode for travellers and getting a car on rent is also easy. The country's inter city air network is quite effective and is the best way for getting around.

Getting Around Mexico By Air

Travelling by air is the most popular mode of transport amongst locals and tourists alike as the distance between main cities is quite large. Mexico has more than 50 airports which are connected by several daily flights available at an affordable price. The largest air carrier of the country is AeroMexico and other domestic carriers include AeroMar, Interjet and Volaris.

Getting Around Mexico By Rail

The options for train travel are limited in the country as its mostly relies on travel by road and air. A rail service known as the Chihuahua Pacific Railways connects Chihuahua city, Los Mochis and Topolobampo. Mexico City and Monterrey also have an underground metro rail service which has gained popularity in the recent years.

Getting Around Mexico By Road

The inter city road infrastructure is highly developed due to great efforts made by the government. All prominent cities are connected by high quality roads. Tourists usually prefer the first class buses which is a direct service between cities and ensures a quality and comfortable travel for the passengers. Second class buses are similar to first class but have stops in between whereas executive and luxury classes are preferred by business and elderly travellers. Getting a taxi cab is an inexpensive options as all the taxis are metered and in addition, have the ease of availability.

Getting Around Mexico By Water

Ferries can be taken from Baja California to ports on the Pacific coast. Boats are usually taken when travelling to small islands off the coast of Pacific and Carribean coast.

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