Best Time To Visit South Africa

What is the best time to visit South Africa?

The period between May and September is considered ideal visiting time. This is because the weather conditions are extremely pleasant. Improper or poor weather can often interfere with wildlife safaris. But you can rest assured that during these months, your tours and safaris can go on undisturbed.

More about Best Time to Travel to South Africa

August - Mid October (Spring)

Light and breezy weather, beautiful green foliage and clear skies characterise spring in South Africa.

Mid October - Mid February (Summer)

Expect the weather to be bright, sunny and of course, quite hot. At times, there are thunderstorms taking place in the afternoons. However, they do not last long and clear up fast.

May - July (Winter)

The days are more often than not bright and warm, but it does get cold at night. Sometimes, it rains during this season, and it can get a little stormy then. However, this season is considered to be the country's most wonderful one.
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