Getting Around Italy

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Getting Around in Italy

Inter-city travel is very convenient in Italy. All the major cities are well connected by air, rail and road

Getting Around Italy By Air

All the major cities in Italy have an airport connecting them to the other cities of Italy.

Getting Around Italy By Rail

Travelling by train is the most advisable option because the inter-city trains are really fast and cheaper than air travel. They are comfortable and convenient option to move around Italy. Trenitalia trains and Italo trains are the best options for inter-city travel

Getting Around Italy By Road

You can hire self-drive cars, hire a cab or share a cab in almost all the major cities in Italy

Getting Around Italy By Water

You can use the ferry to reach islands like Sicily and Sardinia. In Venice the water transportation is the lifeline. Vaporetto in Venice provides a cheap and fast travel in and around Venice

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