Places to Visit in Koh Phangan

Known as the party and holiday capital of the southeast, Koh Phangan island shelters some of the Gulf of Thailand’s most picturesque beaches and rainforests. Some of the best places to visit in Koh P (Read More)hangan are Sunrise Beach, Thong Nai Pan, Haad Yuan, Mae Haad, and Bottle Beach, boasting pristine blue waters, corals, and white sands, lush hills, and chic beachfront restaurants, nightclubs and resorts. On the north coast lie quieter bays to visit in Koh Phangan for snorkelling and hiking, like Hat Khuat and Hat Thian. From beach and bar hopping, village tours, and outdoor adventures to sunset picnics and Muay Thai battles, this island has it all.

Here is the list of 19 Places to Visit in Koh Phangan

1. Bottle Beach

Bottle Beach
4.5 /5

A short hike away from Haad Khom Beach in northern Koh Phangan, Bottle Beach sits against the backdrop of lush tropical jungles and hills. With powdery white sand, this vast, unspoiled beach houses a few resorts, reef-ringed shores with crystal-clear underwater visibility for snorkelling and boating, as well as restaurants, bars and street food vendors. One can also catch epic sunsets, go kayaking and hike to surrounding waterfalls with ocean views.

2. Thong Sala Night Market

Thong Sala Night Market
4.3 /5

The culinary delights and cultural experience make the Thong Sala Night Market in Koh Pha Gnan an instant hit with locals and tourists alike. Food stalls are lined across the market where the best of local Thai food is arrayed on the carts. The market is open from 4 PM to midnight each day. The portions served are comparatively smaller, but that can be considered as then one can try out more varieties of food. The prices are also cheap varying between 20- 100 baht.

Timings : 4 PM to Midnight
Entry Fee : No Entry Fee

3. Thong Nai Pan Beach

Thong Nai Pan Beach
4.6 /5

Featuring an abundance of secluded reefs for snorkelling and diving, Thong Nai Pan Beach is known for its breathtaking sunrises and lush limestone hills. Often called the second most beautiful bay after Haad Rin on the island, this beach offers excellent restaurants and bars, a pharmacy and amenities for overnight stays. Hiking to waterfalls, kayaking and taking yoga classes on the beach are also popular in Thong Nai Pan.

4. Haad Rin

Haad Rin
4.6 /5

Sprawled over the Gulf of Thailand, Haad Rin is a cosmopolitan peninsular beach town on the southern tip of Koh Pha-ngan. It is divided into two main beaches - Sunset Beach to the south and the larger Sunrise Beach to the north. Both flaunt pristine white sand, lush hills, clear waters for swimming, bungalows for rent, trendy bars, BBQs, a traditional market, nightclubs and restaurants. A Full Moon Party taking place on Sunrise Beach each month attracts enthusiastic crowds and entertainers worldwide.

5. Kuan Yin Chinese Temple

Kuan Yin Chinese Temple
4.6 /5

This shrine was constructed for Goddess Kuan Yin on the mountainous terrain of Chaloklum Bay. It is said that a Thai lady Mrs Malawan was asked in her dream by Goddess Kuan Yin to construct a lighthouse for the fishermen of Chaloklum bay. The lady asked for advice from a monk, then collected funds for the lighthouse, but ended up collecting so much that they decided to build a temple. The temple includes three buildings. It is the largest, most revered shrine in Koh Pha Ngan.

6. Slip N Fly Water Park

Slip N Fly Water Park

Slip N Fly Party Water Park is the largest theme park in Koh Phangan. Challenge the island’s steepest water slides and biggest swimming pools, including two 40-metre slides, bodyboarding slides, giant pails, water canons and more. For those who would rather stay off the water, Slip N Fly offers volleyball tournaments, gladiator jousting, and tug of war. There is also a food court offering signature cocktails, Western menus, and sun loungers.

Timings : Daily - 11 AM  to 6:30 PM

Entry Fee : 700 Baht

7. Mae Haad Beach

Mae Haad Beach

Marking the northwestern-most point of Koh Phangan, Mae Haad Beach is among Thailand’s most well-known bays for its long blond shoreline, hilly backdrop and crystal blue waters. Gazing upon scenic views of Koh Ma, the beach features trendy resorts, restaurants and nightclubs, most of which offer sunbeds. A sandbar connects Mae Haad to Koh Ma during low tide, perfect for beginners to try snorkelling and diving.

8. Diamond Muay Thai

Diamond Muay Thai

Diamond Muay Thai is an authentic traditional Thai kickboxing camp based in Koh Phangan, offering 1-on-1 championship training and technical group sessions. Ideal for staying fit, losing weight or simply learning Thailand’s most-loved sport, experienced instructors provide Diamond Muay Thai gym’s rigorous kickboxing lessons in a friendly, open-air setting. Beginners are welcome.

Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM (Monday to Saturday)
Entry Fee: THB 400

9. Haad Yuan Beach

Haad Yuan Beach

Straight out of a tropical dream, Haad Yuan Beach on Koh Phangan’s east coast boasts amazing rock formations, dense palm forests and a relaxed, quiet vibe. Considered the most beautiful white sand beach on this island, Haad Yuan is backed by bungalows, plush resorts, a small traditional village, restaurants and beach bars. Sunbathing and watersports are also available.

10. Secret Beach

Secret Beach

Also called Haad Son, Secret Beach was developed a decade ago as a part of a larger resort on the island’s west coast. The 300-metre-long cove is laden with white sands and palms where swings, hammocks, sunbeds and colourful lights in the trees create a wonderful hideout for unwinding. There is a laid-back beach restaurant and bar which also rents out snorkels, while bungalows behind provide scenic water views.

11. Salad Beach

Salad Beach

Best known for its verdant coral reef ring, pretty sunsets and shallow, crystal clear waters for snorkelling, Salad Beach is located northwest of Koh Phangan. This stunning coastal strip is a favourite getaway among families and features plenty of cosy bars with beach swings, resorts, and eateries serving Thai fare. Visitors can explore Salad Beach on foot or rent scooters from Thong Sala.

12. Ao Chaloklum Bay

Ao Chaloklum Bay

Stretching over 2 kilometres, Ao Chaloklum Bay is a large crescent-shaped beach in northern Koh Phangan with the central Chaloklum Village. There are also a few bars, a Chinese temple, and waterfalls to visit, alongside great activities like snorkelling, wakeboarding, scuba diving, archery and kiteboarding. On Sundays, there is a flea market with live music and tasty food.

13. Haad Sadet

Haad Sadet

Sprawled at the foot of the Than Sadet waterfalls, Haad Sadet is a secluded bay beside Namtok National Park that attracts the adventurous. Amidst lush vegetation, large rocks and turquoise waters, the beach’s bars and restaurants offer charming ocean and hill views. One can enjoy sunbathing, dining by the beach, swimming and kayaking in Haad Sadet, or embark on hiking the reserve park and waterfall.

14. Koh Ma

Koh Ma
4.3 /5

Connected to Mae Haad Beach by a shallow sandbar with colourful corals, Koh Ma is Koh Phangan’s only open beach. The waters are turquoise blue with great visibility, and the diving and snorkelling sites here are home to tiny fish and underwater flora. Visitors can rent an ethnic bamboo bungalow at the beach resort, enjoy sunbathing, yoga lessons and picnics at the beach, or trek up the mountainous jungles in the backdrop.

15. Ban Tai Beach

Ban Tai Beach

A stone’s throw away from Thong Sala, Ban Tai Beach is Koh Phangan’s most accessible bay juxtaposed to the main port town. With snow-white sands and palms all around, Ban Tai is also the gateway to Koh Phangan’s protected forests. Hop into the swanky beach bars, sample seafood at the Thai eateries, try thrilling water sports like kitesurfing and canoeing, and relax with Thai massages at the spas.

16. Ang Thong National Marine Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park
4.8 /5

An exotic tropical paradise, situated in the Gulf of Thailand, Ang Thong National Marine Park is a protected archipelago of 42 islands. With unusually spectacular scenery, the Marine Park features Limestone Mountains, thick jungles, white-sand beaches, waterfalls, surreal lakes, unexplored caves and small hikes leading up to breathtaking viewpoints. The serenity of these islands is so captivating that one of the island’s lake – Lake Emerald – was featured in the movie ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo Dicaprio.

17. Herbal Sauna Baan Tai

Herbal Sauna Baan Tai

Tucked next to Wat Pho Temple, Herbal Sauna Baan Tai offers a holistic approach to relaxing the mind and body with natural therapies. In a green, stress-free environment, this resort spa offers Thai massage sessions and a steam sauna infused with traditional herbs like lemongrass heated by a logwood fire to produce steam. Visitors can also purchase herbal skin and hair care products.

18. Amsterdam Bar

Amsterdam Bar

With reggae music and good energy all around, Amsterdam Bar is the top spot in Koh Phangan for watching memorable sunsets. The chic bar has two different tiers, and the top deck offers a panoramic view of the west coast. Tasty cocktails, live DJs and Thai food are available on the lower tier, which opens to the beach. There is also an infinity pool for swimming and parties.

19. The Challenge Phangan Waterpark

The Challenge Phangan Waterpark

A must-visit spot for families and tourists in Ban Tai Beach, The Challenge Phangan Water Park is an epic heart-pumping, limit-testing water obstacle course. Take on this fun, floating course with obstacles of varying difficulty, like balance beams, climbing bars and rope swings, to cross without falling into the water. Free drinks await at the park's restaurant and bar for those who make it to the day's leaderboard of fame.

Timings: Daily - 10 AM to 6 PM
Entry Fee - THB 500

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