National Parks in Arunachal Pradesh & Wildlife Sanctuaries

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National Parks in Arunachal Pradesh And Wildlife Sanctuaries

The North East region of India boasts a rich variety of natural diversity, and this is evident in the national parks in Arunachal Pradesh. A wide range of animals like tigers, leopards, snow leopards (Read More), the capped langur, and endangered species like the red panda can be found within the beautiful landscape of this region.

Here is the list of 9 National Parks in Arunachal Pradesh & Wildlife Sanctuaries

1. Namdapha National Park, Changlang

Namdapha National Park, Changlang
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The fourth-largest national park in the country, area-wise, Namdapha National Park is located in Arunachal Pradesh. Namdapha National Park is a gem for any wildlife and nature lover. With its altitude varying between 200 meters to 4500 meters, it is a haven of rare and endangered animal and plant species with one of the most vibrant bio-diversities in the country. It is here that you can spot species such as Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Leopard, and Tiger. Namdapha National Park is located at a mere distance of 160 km from the capital of Assam, i.e. Dibrugarh and is well-connected by a network of roads up till Miao, which is its getaway.

2. Mouling National Park, East Siang

Mouling National Park, East Siang
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This wildlife park is named after a mountain peak, Mouling, located nearby, meaning red poison or red blood. Situated in the upper Siang district and spread across 483 square km, the park has the Siang river flowing on the west and Siring, Subong, Semong and Krobong river on the east end. There are tigers, panthers, elephants, hog deer, python, barking deer, sambar deer, buffalo and red panda inhabiting the region. Besides animals, there are several species of birds and plants, which can be seen here.

3. Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary

Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary

Surrounding the biodiversity-rich capital of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar, the Wildlife Sanctuary houses several rare wildlife species on its hilly terrain, including Sambar, Barking Deer, Elephant herbs, Tiger and Panthers. Though the population of these species, as well as of Hornbill, the State bird of Arunachal Pradesh, have drastically dropped due to human habitation and clearance of forest covers, you can still find a good amount of wildlife in the eastern and northern part of the sanctuary and visit the Zoological Park, the Ganga Lake, the Ita Fort, the State Museum and the State Forest Research Institute for a fun outing.

4. Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary

Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary

Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the eight wildlife sanctuaries in Arunachal Pradesh, featuring snow-capped peaks, lush rainforests, dense vegetation, clear rivers and a chance for a rejuvenating retreat from the hustle-bustle of the city. Attracting thousands of visitors from all over the country, this biodiversity-rich sanctuary houses some of the rarest wildlife species like Mishmi takin, red goral, musk deer, red panda, Asiatic black bear, tiger, Gongshan muntjac, Sclater's monal and Blyth's tragopan.

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5. Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Lower Dibang Valley

Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Lower Dibang Valley
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Named after Mehao Lake within its boundaries, the Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary was declared so in 1980, with an aim to protect the flora and fauna around the lake. A virgin forest area left largely untouched and unexplored, the sanctuary houses many animals, plants, birds, fish, butterflies and reptiles' species. The most notable wildlife species include the Bengal tiger, clouded leopard and hoolock gibbons. In addition, the other highlights include rare sightings of panthers, red pandas, blue napped Pita, King Cobras, Pit Vipers, among others.

6. Pakke Tiger Reserve | Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhalukpong

Pakke Tiger Reserve | Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhalukpong
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Sloping towards the Brahmaputra river, the Pakke Tiger Reserve is placed on the foothills of the eastern Himalayas, boasting breath-taking views of the hilly terrain, narrow valleys and plains, perfect for a family retreat. Walk along with the dense evergreen forests of Arunachal Pradesh and get to spot the Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, clouded leopard, wild dog and Asiatic jackal. Other wildlife species include the Rhesus macaque, Assamese macaque, the capped langur, elephant, barking deer, gaur, sambar, yellow-throated marten, Malayan giant squirrel, flying squirrel, four species of hornbills, etc.

7. Daying Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary, Pasighat

Daying Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary, Pasighat
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Daying Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary is located 13 Kms from Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh and is named after Dr D. Ering. Over 25 percent of the sanctuary is covered with water bodies, attracting many migratory birds from Mongolia and Siberia. Some of the notable inhabitants include the Bengal Tiger and leopards. Also to be found are the endangered Takin, Slow Lories, Red Panda, Hoolock Gibbon, Slow Lories and Capped Langur. The sanctuary is fed by the Siang River (Brahmaputra), and due to this, the lush vegetation thrives all year round.

8. Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

Tucked away amidst the towering peaks of the Himalayas, the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the country's best birding spots. This hidden gem is surrounded by thick green rainforests, known as cloud forests, because of a veil of mist around the landscape, offering a tranquil setting with mesmerizing views. The wildlife species inhabiting this sanctuary are prolific, including the Asian elephant, Darjeeling false-wolf snake, Abor Hill agama, capped langur, red panda, Bengal tiger, Asiatic black bear, Arunachal macaque, rare butterflies and more than 450 species of butterflies.

9. Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, Bhalukpong

Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, Bhalukpong
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Enter the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary and enjoy a visual treat and a relaxing getaway amidst more than 200 colourful orchids and rich natural wildlife. The sanctuary is one of a biodiversity hotspot filled with lush forests and inhabited by more than 80 different species of rare, endangered, and ornamental orchids, perfect for people coming to experience the beauty of nature up close. You can also get to spot red panda, pheasants and serow here.

Which of these national parks in Arunachal Pradesh has caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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