National Parks in Arunachal Pradesh and Wildlife Sanctuaries

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National Parks in Arunachal Pradesh And Wildlife Sanctuaries

The North East region of India boasts a rich variety of natural diversity, and this is evident in the national parks in Arunachal Pradesh. A wide range of animals like tigers, leopards, snow leopards, the capped langur, and endangered species like the red panda can be found within the beautiful landscape of this region.

Here is the list of 7 National Parks in Arunachal Pradesh and Wildlife Sanctuaries

1. Namdapha National Park, Itanagar - Largest national park in Arunachal Pradesh

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One of the chief natural reserves is the Namdhapa National Park in Arunachal Pradesh which lies under the shadows of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. The third largest national park in the country, area-wise, Namdapha National Park lies at an altitude varying between 200 meters to 4500 meters. This National Park is a haven of rare and endangered animal and plant species with one of the most vibrant bio-diversities in the country.

2. Mouling National Park, Yingkiong - Most isolated national park in Arunachal Pradesh

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This wildlife park is named after a mountain peak nearby "Mouling" which also means red poison or red blood. Situated in the upper Siang district and spread across 483 square km of the area has Siang river flowing on the west and Siring, Subong, Semong and Krobong river on the easter ends. There are tiger, panthers, elephant, hog deer, python, barking deer, sambal deer, buffalo and red panda which could be spotted here. Besides animals, there are several species of birds and plants as well which could be seen here.

3. Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, Bhalukpong

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The 100 sq. km area of lush greenery and colourful orchids is a sight you can never forget. There are various varieties of orchids growing in this centre. They are of different colours and sizes and leave all tourists amazed.

4. Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Pasighat

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This wildlife sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh and a couple of other facilities (school, hospital) in Pasighat are named after Dr. D. Ering. Over 25% of the sanctuary is covered with water bodies and hence attracts many migratory birds from Mongolia and Siberia. The sanctuary itself is surrounded by the Siang River (Brahmaputra). the sanctuary is also home to many endangered species of birds.

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5. Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Roing

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People call it the 'real ocean of green paradise on earth'. A virgin forest left largely untouched and unexplored, this sanctuary houses a frighteningly massive number of animal, plants, birds, fish, butterflies and reptiles' species. Presence of tigers, panthers, red pandas, blue napperd Pita, King Cobra, Pit Vipers and many more have been recorded.

6. Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhalukpong

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This royal wildlife sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh plays home to the royal bengal tiger and many more varieties of flora and fauna. At least 40 mammal species occur in Pakke Tiger Reserve.

7. Nehru van Udayan, Roing

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Located on the banks of Deopani River, the Nehru Van Udyan houses an exciting captivating cactus house, orchid area and a beautiful garden. Ejeez tower (a guest house) located close to the garden is an excellent place to view the Deopani River.

Which of these national parks in Arunachal Pradesh has caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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