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The largest among the seven sisters, it is famous for its foxtail orchids. Some call it, the Orchid state of India while for botanists, it's the Paradise. According to the political map of India, it's termed as Arunachal Pradesh. The "Land of Dawn-lit Mountains" awaits you. And the airways are ready to go beyond their curtailment to meet your requirements.

Even after being the remotest state, there are a few functioning airports presently in Arunachal Pradesh, and the rest operate from Assam.

airport in arunachal

1. Tezu Airport

The first civilian airport of Arunachal Pradesh is in Tezu and offers the night landing facility. Airports Authority of India took a charge of its construction in 2014 after all the disputes. Being a newly constructed airport, it has acute connectivity with other places. However, it can be sorted because of its proximity to the other airports such as Dibrugarh Airport (75.34 miles) and  Mohanbari Airport (75.37 miles). These airports are in Assam, but their connectivity with Arunachal Pradesh proves to be useful.

A lot of hotels can be seen just outside the airport with reasonable prices and luxury. The only means of travelling in Tezu is by car. Parshuram Kund is the gem in the crown of Tezu city. This is a famous Hindu pilgrimage situated on the plateau of Brahmaputra. Lohit river is a scenic beauty of Tezu city with many more botanical gardens, mosques and Tezu Park referred to as tourist's attractions. There are numerous routes to reach Tezu but only an insight of a traveller to explore them.

airports in arunachal, tezu airport

2. Itanagar Airport

The airways facility is provided by the Itanagar airport itself which is a greenfield airport project owned by Airports Authority of India. The location is Holongi with fully- facilitated conditions. Since the airport is working towards its connectivity, the nearest airport is Lilabari airport, Assam to reach Itanagar. Just 57 km far from the city, Lilabari airport has better connectivity. All the metropolitan cities are connected to Itanagar via Lilabari airport.

The capital of the Orchid state is famous for its historical monuments and museums. The renowned State museum is in Itanagar. Buddhism spirit is on its fleek with Gompa monastery here. Indira Gandhi Park and science centre can be tourist's attraction as well. Travelling by car is the most convenient way of travelling in Itanagar. 

airports in arunachal, itanagar airport

3. Along and Pasighat Airport

Also known as Aalo airport, Along Airport located in the census town named Along. It has good connectivity with Assam by road networks. Bus services are available from Along to Itanagar. When it comes to airways, Along airport was operated by the Indian air force, but now no commercial flights operate from here. The nearest airport from Along is at Likabali, Assam. Its connectivity with Guwahati and Dibrugarh is acknowledged.

Similarly, Pasighat airport is near to Along airport. Due to lack of facilities and maintenance, these airports are closed for a while. To reach Pasighat and Along, one has to approach Assam airports and then take a cab or bus service from thereon. Assam airports to be approached are Lilabari airport (74.7 miles), Dibrugarh airport (49.7 miles) and Mohanbari Airport (50 miles).

airports in arunachal

An intriguing question that boggles our mind here is: What's the need of going to such remote places where airports are about to shut down''

The Daporijo Airport is a military airport in Arunachal Pradesh. The airport is expected to start civilian operations in the future.

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