Day Trips From Jakarta

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Best Day Trips From Jakarta

The dynamic city of Jakarta provides a perfect mix of culture, museums, temples and adventure. Not only does this city act as the country’s premier shopping hub and boast an enticing nightlife, but i (Read More)t also serves as a staging point for several day trips to wondrous places nearby. These day trips are from Jakarta are sure to make your experience in Indonesia is unforgettable. From hiking to chilling on the beach to exploring the history, the wild adventure that lies in these undiscovered and obscure regions that are not too far, however contrasting to the city life, make them a must for every tourist to visit.

Here is the list of 10 Day Trips From Jakarta

1. Kepulauan Seribu - 70.9 km From Jakarta

Kepulauan Seribu  - 70.9 km From Jakarta

Situated off the northern coast of the city of Jakarta, Kepulauan Seribu stretches over a distance of 45 km, and comprise of a total of 342 islands. Also popularly known as the Thousand Islands, only 36 of its islands are authorized by the government to be used for recreational purposes. Unfortunately, out of these 36 islands, you will only be able to visit 13 islands which are open for public visit, with two islands been established as a National Park.

2. Bandung - 152.4 km From Jakarta

Bandung - 152.4 km From Jakarta
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Known For : Kawah Putih Tangkuban Perahu Situ Patenggang Lake

A city with interesting contrasts, Bandung is an urban sprawl, developed alongside rice fields and volcanic mountains. It is one of the cooler cities in Indonesia, perfect for a day-trip from Jakarta or Bali. Filled with historical relics, thriving youth, beautiful scenery and coffee, Bandung is perfect for a days getaway. It is filled with small traditional cafes, volcanic mountains, coffee and rice plantations, and hot springs. Tourists may visit the Jl Braga area for cafes, restaurants and museums, the Jl Cihampelas area for shopping trips, and for a taste of the modern, they can visit Jl Tirtayasa and Jl Trunoyoso, which are filled with high-end restaurants and malls.

Best Time: June to September

6 Bandung Attractions

3. Banten - 128 km from Jakarta

Banten - 128 km from Jakarta
4.3 /5

Known For : Tanjung Pasir Anyer Beach

Situated on the westernmost tip of Java, Banten is a highly diverse province characterised by many ethnic groups and languages and is a melting pot of Indonesian culture. A hotspot for Sundanese culture and Bantanese cuisine, and a smorgasbord of other traditions, Banten is easily accessible from the capital, Jakarta. Banten's culture and tradition is still visibly distinct from the rest of the Javanese cities and as they underwent rapid development, Banten retained its individuality as a province.

Best Time: May - September

2 Banten Attractions

4. Cirebon - 297 km from Jakarta

Cirebon - 297 km from Jakarta
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Known For : Pemandian Cibulan Kampung Batik Trusmi Mount Ciremai

Cirebon city is located in the West Java Province, by the northern coast in Indonesia. The city is also fondly called City of Shrimps (Kota Udang). It shares the Central Java Provincial border with Jakarta and lies approximately 297 kilometres away from the city. Since Cirebon occupies only 37 square kilometres, it can be explored just on a day-long trip from Jakarta.

Best Time: June-October

13 Cirebon Attractions

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5. Baduy Tribe - 120 km from Jakarta

Baduy Tribe - 120 km from Jakarta

In an isolated village just 120 km away from the buzzing city of Jakarta, lives the tribe of Baduy. The reason why this tribe is famous is that they abstain from modern lifestyle and technology, and also have minimum contact with the outer world. The only way to reach this remote village is by trekking a significant distance. There are no electronics allowed, and this village has no education, healthcare or other basic amenities that are available in urban centres.

6. Nangka Waterfalls - 64 km from Jakarta

Nangka Waterfalls - 64 km from Jakarta

Located 64 kms away from Jakarta and 20 kms away from Bogor City Centre, Nangka Waterfalls is every tourist's delight hidden in plain sight. The large canopies of pine trees make way for this beautiful riverbank trek that leads to these waterfalls. It is a perfect getaway from the bustle of the city as you witness nature in its pure form, and also enjoy swimming in the cold water on a hot sunny day. It is recommended to visit this place in rainy season as you will get an abundance of water.

7. Central Bogor - 60 km from Jakarta

Central Bogor - 60 km from Jakarta

Located in the Java region of Indonesia, this scenic and calm city is just 60 km away from Jakarta. In addition to being famous for its Mongolian tents, Paragliding, Gondola rides and shopping, Pasar Baru also boasts of being one of the world's most densely populated. One must pay a visit to Bogor Botanical Garden, the oldest one in Southeast Asia and go for hikes to nearby mountains.

8. Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park - 60 km from Jakarta

Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park - 60 km from Jakarta

Situated 60 km south of Jakarta, Gunung Gede Pangrango is the most visited National Park in Jakarta. This National Park contains not just two peaks Mt Gede and Mt Pangrango, but also very diverse and rare flora and fauna. It is recommended to camp here under the stars, and try the adventure activities that this park has to offer. People who have enough experience should also hike to the waterfalls and the peaks for a fantastic view.

9. Mekarsari Fruit and Recreation Park - 25 km from Jakarta

Mekarsari Fruit and Recreation Park - 25 km from Jakarta

The most extensive fruit garden in the world just 25 km from Jakarta, Mekarsari Park can be visited with friends and family for recreation. A tour of the park would include a water park, fruit garden centre, baby zoo, kids fun valley, museums, theatres, galleries and several adventure activities. It is suggested that you stay here as the whole place cannot be covered in one day. It is a great place to take your children out for a fun day.

10. Gunung Pancar - 60 km from Jakarta

Gunung Pancar - 60 km from Jakarta

A mountain located in the Java region of Indonesia, Gunung Pancar has rich biodiversity of various plants and wildlife. One can go for as many adventure activities inside like hiking, camping, cycling, swimming, etc., in a pleasant, enjoyable climate.

Which were your favourite places for a day trip from Jakarta? Let us know in the comments section below!

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