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The beaches near Dallas prove to be not only the most peaceful and relaxed places in the city but also a few of the exciting and adventurous sports for people. The beaches here are stocked with an en (Read More)gaging range of activities like kayaking, camping, swimming, outdoor sports and many more that ensure a fun-filled get away from the bustle of the city. In addition to this, they also provide visitors with basic amenities and picturesque views of the beautiful city and its surroundings.

Here is the list of 16 Beaches Near Dallas

1. Pebble Beach, Dallas

Pebble Beach, Dallas

Pebble Beach Park is a great spot for a relaxing day out or a picnic. The Beach Park is located 47 - 50 minutes away from the Dallas city centre (39.6 miles) on the shores of Lake Lavon. Some of the amenities that the beach park provides are swim areas, numerous covered picnic tables with BBQ grills, and boat ramps which a free of cost to use by the guests. The park also provides a great view of Lake Lavon and a great atmosphere to relax after a hectic day.

2. White Rock Lake Park, Dallas

White Rock Lake Park, Dallas

The White Rock Lake is a reservoir in Dallas, a popular site frequented by both tourists and non-tourists to relax and enjoy recreational activities. It is the perfect place to enjoy leisurely acts such as fishing, taking a stroll by yourself or with your pet, having a picnic, or a party with family and friends to just enjoying nature. At the same time, one also can opt for more engaging activities such as rowing, cycling, jogging, and hiking.

3. Mustang Island State Park, Dallas

Mustang Island State Park, Dallas

Located south of Port Aransas, Mustang park is a 2500 year old island known for camping, surfing and kayaking. The mustang island, named after the wild horses found in abundance here is also known to house many other species of small animals, birds and mammals.

4. Malaquite Beach, Dallas

Malaquite Beach, Dallas

Malaquite Beach is another beach located at Padre Island. The beach is known for its exotic lifestyle that it offers to its visitors. These include having dinners at the beach under the moonlight, watching the beautiful sunset and going for a dip in the ocean at any time of the day.

5. Padre Island National Seashore, Dallas

Padre Island National Seashore, Dallas

Padre Island is located off the coast of South Texas. The islands seashore is approximately 70 miles long and filled with 65.5 miles of Gulf beach and sands. It is the largest stretch of undeveloped gulf island and is known for preserving its natural habitat. It is also the breeding place for Kemp's ridley sea turtle, housing more than 380 species of birds as well

6. Rockport Beach, Dallas

Rockport Beach, Dallas

Rockport Beach is a 5 – an hour and 47 - minute drive (382.5 miles) from the city center of Dallas. It is the first Blue wave beach in Texas among the only four on the Texas Gulf Coast. The beach provides a great view and activities like camping during the day on the beach, fishing, Fire and BBQ pits, jet skis, and water skis.

7. Joe Pool Lake, Dallas

Joe Pool Lake, Dallas

The Joe Pool lakes are one of the major lakes in Texas that was built after intense years of major research and construction. The lake has several parks around it like Cedar Hill State Park and Loyd Park. The lake park is a man-made lake park in Dallas Metroplex. The lake is 7750 acres in area and is known for its rich history and recreational activities.

8. Granbury City Beach Park, Dallas

Granbury City Beach Park, Dallas

Located in the midst of downtown Granbury, the Granbury city park is known for its white, sandy beaches filled with a bunch of engrossing activities for children of all age groups. The city park also hosts a bunch of annual events that make it stand out from the rest of the parks near Dallas. There are a bunch of the rules and regulations that should be followed by the visitors, these are noted to keep in check the originality, cleanliness and hygiene of the park.

9. Lake Ray Roberts State Park, Dallas

Lake Ray Roberts State Park, Dallas

A natural playground, Ray Roberts State Park is located only one hour north of the DFW metroplex. The serine park is filled with a bunch of activities for its visitors and locals. The state park also offers lodging facilities to the visitors who wish to wait there for longer. In addition to this, they also have other basic facilities like restrooms, pavilion and Wifi.

10. Cedar Hill State Park, Dallas

Cedar Hill State Park, Dallas

A short distance away from downtown Dallas, Cedar Hill State Park is an oasis near Joe Pool Lake which boasts of about 350 different campsites. These include Full Hookup Campsites, Primitive Hike-in Campsites and Campsites with Electricity. They are equipped with facilities such as restrooms, fire rings, water and sewer hookups, electric hookups and chemical toilets.

11. Meadomere Park, Dallas

Meadomere Park, Dallas

Meadowmere park offers its visitors with a vast 288 acres of land to roam around or swim around. Its sparkling waters are a delight to watch and lush greenery makes the mind soothing and calm. The park along with its sandy beaches and sparkling water forms the perfect break that people need to take from their busy city life.

12. Twin Park Points, Dallas

Twin Park Points, Dallas

Twin Points park or beach is one of the most happening beaches in Texas. The beach is located at the southern point of the Eagle mountain lake. The beach is swim friendly and is one of the best places to make summer plans.

13. Willow Grove Park, Dallas

Willow Grove Park, Dallas

Surrounded by peaceful waters and a scenic location is the Willow Grove Park. The park is ideal for a relaxing afternoon picnic, fishing and camping night. The park is leased by the City of Lake Dallas from the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Filled with only an increasing number of activities for its visitors, Willow Grove Park has a 1-mile long multi-purpose trail, Camping spaces, a fishing pier, a volleyball court and playground facilities.

14. Little Elm Park, Dallas

Little Elm Park, Dallas

Little Elm Park is a family-friendly public sandy beach located 40 – 45 minutes (37.9 miles) away from the Dallas city center on the shore of Little Elm Park. The beach park provides overnight camping in certain areas of the park, Picnic spots with a Lakefront grill, boat ramps, 10 volleyball courts, hiking and biking trails, kayaking, Paddle-boarding, fishing activities, and one of the largest swim areas in Texas among other activities provided here.

15. Burger's Lake, Dallas

Burger's Lake, Dallas

Burger’s Lake is located in Fort Worth in Texas and is a 43 – 48 minutes (41.3 miles) drive from the Dallas city centre. It is the ultimate location to get away from busy city life. Spread across 30 acres of the park includes Two sandy beaches, several picnic tables with charcoal grills for BBQ, 20ft. slide, 25ft Trapeze among other amenities provided in the park. The park also owns a ‘spring-fed’ lake especially for swimming with complete supervision of certified lifeguards.

16. Windsurf Lake Park, Dallas

Windsurf Lake Park, Dallas

Overlooking Lake Ray Hubbard lies the 42-acre Windsurf Bay Park located in Garland, Texas. The park is home to a number of recreational activities that are enjoyed but all its visitors. In the park are a half-court with basketball courts, playground, sandpark, sand volleyball court and soccer goals. These activities engage visitors of all age groups providing them with an eventful and exciting day.

These were some of the most picturesque and calming beaches near the city of Dallas. We hope you like the list.

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