Tourist places in Perak

Here are the top 10 places to visit in Perak in 2024:

1. Cameron Highlands

4.5 /5

1 out of 10
Places to visit in Perak 18
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Cameron Highlands is a gorgeous hill station nestled in the hills of Pahang in Malaysia, in the northwestern tip of the country near the South China Sea in Southeast Asia. Bordered by the Malaysian states of Perak and Kelantan, this hilly district is home to eight different settlements that boast of...

Best Time: February to July

2. Ipoh

5.0 /5

2 out of 10
Places to visit in Perak 38
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Ipoh is the capital of Perak and Malaysia‚Äôs third-largest city. It is located between George Town and Kuala Lumpur and is a popular destination for lovers of adventure, art, heritage, and architecture. From exploring breathtaking limestone caves and kayaking along the Kinta River to trying out ...

Best Time: December to March

3. Taiping

3.9 /5

3 out of 10
Places to visit in Perak 14
Tourist attractions

Ranked amongst one of the top three sustainable cities in the world, Taiping is a town located in Perak, Malaysia. The second largest town in Perak after Ipoh, it receives its fair share of limelight for being the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysia. As one of the first tin mining towns in Mala...

Best Time: June-July

4. Pangkor Island

4.3 /5

4 out of 10
Places to visit in Perak

Pangkor Island is a resort island located in Manjung District, Perak, Malaysia. Boasting of stunning landscape, it is known for its white sand beaches, clear blue skies, corals reefs and turquoise blue water. Located just three-hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur, Pangkor Island is a popular roma...

Best Time: January to February

5. Kuala Kangsar

3.3 /5

5 out of 10
Places to visit in Perak 11
Tourist attractions

Kuala Kangsar, besides being a royal town of Perak, Malaysia, is the main town in the administrative district of Kuala Kangsar. Located downstream of Kangsar River, it has been the royal seat of Perak since the 18th century. The colonial town houses some of the best converted-palaces and gilt domes ...

Best Time: June to August

6. Gopeng

6 out of 10
Places to visit in Perak

Seated amidst lofty limestone cliffs, rivers, and some captivating historical caves, Gopeng is a serene town in the Kampar district of Perak. It lies approximately 30 minutes south of Ipoh and 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur by car. It is known for its lush green rainforests that houses the subgroup ...

7. Belum Temenggor Rainforest

7 out of 10
Places to visit in Perak

Belum Temenggor Rainforest located in Perak, Malaysia is the world's oldest and largest rainforest. It borders Thailand to its north and Kelantan in Malaysia to its east. Thriving for 130 million years, it is divided into two sections - Belum is located on the Malaysia-Thailand border while Temenggo...

8. Kuala Sepetang

8 out of 10
Places to visit in Perak

The coastal town of Kuala Sepetang is located near Taiping in Perak State of Malaysia. This quaint fishing village is also popularly known as Port Weld and is worth visiting for its history, culture and food. It is also the gateway to Kuala Sangga, a chinese settlement island village with no modern ...

9. Kinta Nature Park

3.8 /5

9 out of 10
Places to visit in Perak

Sprawling over 900 hectares of land, Kinta nature park is the largest bird sanctuary located on the outskirts of Batu Gajah in Malaysia. Apart from offering splendid scenery, this nature park displays a variety of flora and fauna. Visitors can spot 1381 aquatic birds in the wetland here, including s...

10. Ulu Chepor

4.3 /5

10 out of 10
Places to visit in Perak

Surrounded by hills cloaked in a verdant tropical rainforest, the 20-metre-tall Ulu Chepor waterfall is frequented by locals and tourists alike for bathing along the riverbed. A suspension bridge is built across the river for visitors to cross without getting their feet wet. The site is well-maintai...

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