Best Time To Visit Polynesia

Best Time: May Ð October Read More

Budget: Expensive

May Ð October is the best time to visit Polynesia

May to October serves as the best time to explore the region, as days are warm, less humid and often bathed by southeast trade winds. The nights are pleasant and cool. If you are planning to visit New Zealand, October/November or March/ April is the best time to visit.

Polynesia in Polynesia in November Ð April (Rainy season)

This time of the year is the official rainy season in the region and often witness hurricane as well. However, one may encounter clear sunny skies during these month often followed by heavy rainfalls. In addition, humidity level is very high at this time making travelling a hardship.

Polynesia in Polynesia in May Ð October (Dry season)

This time of the year is the dry season in the region when one is advised to wear loose natural fabrics. However, make sure to carry raingear during this time of the year as well considering rain can give you a surprise visit.

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