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Country rank: 7 out of 8 Places To Visit In China

Sub-Region: Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region


Ideal duration: 1 - 3 days

Best time: May to October (Read More)


"River Side City in the Northwest"

Yinchuan Tourism

The city of Yinchuan is surrounded by nature's splendour. It has the Yellow River that borders it on the East and over by the West side, it is protected by the Helanshan mountain, where the famed Helanshan Rock Carvings are found, and this offers a rare insight into the life and times of the ancient people of the area.

Yinchuan has so much to offer! For people who love walking in nature - taking hikes and indulging in adventure sports. For the foodies of the world - the food of Yinchuan is the most interesting and complex kind of food. Since it is in China, it obviously has influences of the Chinese culture. However, with that being said, it is also heavily influenced by the Islamic culture! Anywhere you go in the city, you will always find a variety of street food stalls and restaurants. For all of the history fans, Yinchuan also has quite the number of tombs of nobles of the Xi Xia Dynasty as well as some imperial mausoleums. The city's heritage also encompasses many facets of Buddhist, Islamic and Christian cultures. So there are many mosques and churches to be found in the city. And worry not, the city has a very well-connected system of railways, bus lines and highways that make travelling around the city very simple and convenient.

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