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Kataragama Tourism

Kataragama is in the Monaragala District of the Uva province. It is about 228 kms away from Colombo. Kataragama is well known for its temples dedicated to various lords and often receives a right amount of tourists and pilgrims visiting to witness the grandiose of the beautiful architecture carved within the temples as well as to worship the devas.

One of the most popular attractions of the town is the Kataragama temple which has built to devotedly to honour the Skanda Kumara also known as Kataragama Deviyo, a guardian and powerful deity of Sri Lanka according to the locals. With the modern Era kicking in this small township of Kataragama has been developing steadily and is garnering the attention of the tourists as one of the favourite destinations to visit in Sri Lanka.

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History of Kataragama

The town of Kataragama has been a witness to human habitation more than 125,000 years ago and also possesses evidence of the dwelling of Mesolithic and Neolithic habitations as well. Thus, the history of the town dates way back in the historical past of the beginnings of human civilization. The first mention of the sacred city was in the Mahavamsa, also known as the historical annals which were written in the 5th Century. Mahavamsa is an epic poem penned down in the language of Pali (the sacred language of Hindu & Buddhist religious texts) narrating the history of Sri Lanka, from its radical formation to the reign of Mahasena of Anuradhapura. The famous Kataragama temple was also mentioned within the Pali chronicles of Thailand in the 16th Century. Apart from this, there have been some legends that are accredited to the supernatural events in the locality of the town. Thus, since its inception, the city of Kataragama has been sacred for its ethnicity of population and akin to supernatural occurrences.

Multi-Religious Origins of Kataragama Temple

The famous Kataragama temple has been a holy point for many pilgrims and a sight of wonder for tourists. However, the temple has a range of many religious faiths and origin attached to it. The Buddhist Kataragama and Hindu Katirkamam origins. The temple is associated with many different stories and is considered sacred in various castes and religions. Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus refer to God Kataragama as Katirkamam. They associate Katirkamam with Skanda-Murukan (Hindu God of War). While the Buddhist Kataragama believe that Kataragama temple is inhabited by the deity Kataragama Deviyo who is the supposed guardian of the Buddhist community. Hence, The Kataragama lord holds a prominent position amongst various folklore.

Local Food and Restaurants in Kataragama

Sri Lankan cuisine is one of the most delicious and fragrant cuisines of all time, with all those spices mixed up and fantastic flavours to make you drool over their tasty food! Kataragama also serves some of the best curry and typical Sri Lankan meals along with your regular fast foods. Some must-try restaurants in Kataragama are Traveller’s Rest (Mutton Korma is a must try), the Flavours Restaurant, and Smoky Kitchen. Thus, food in Kataragama is in abundance along with its sacredness.

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FAQs on Kataragama

What is the best time to visit Kataragama?

The humid temperature of Sri Lanka barely varies, while having an average chance of rainfall. The annual temperature of Kataragama ranges from 32.6 degree Celsius in the morning to dropping around 26.1 degree Celsius at night. The winds are more or less moderate in the town considering its location. However, the warmest months are said to the ideal time to visit the city avoiding the season of monsoon and hence, early to mid-May, April, and July are the best months to plan a vacation to Kataragama and to witness the sacred ethnicity of the city and experience the serene views surrounding the town!
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What are the places near Kataragama?

The top places near to Kataragama are Nuwara eliya which is 84 km from Kataragama, Galle which is located 129 km from Kataragama, Colombo which is located 172 km from Kataragama, Kandy which is located 124 km from Kataragama, Sigiriya which is located 182 km from Kataragama

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