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4 years ago
Vrindavan is most soul and beauty powerful place to visit once in life time to see temple and greatness of Hindu temple lord Krishna.

Aman Shrivastava

4 years ago
It's the most exquisite temple that I have ever visited in India. Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj is the greatest spiritual master ever born in India as he has been conferred with the title of 'JAGADGURUTTAM (Read More)'. He has beautifully infused divinity in the entire campus of Prem Mandir.

aminidhi aggarwal

on Prem Mandir 5 years ago
very nicely told and explained. I could get a good idea for the temple and what I can see there and the timings along with the tips and the way to come to the temple. the part of the fountain is most (Read More) mesmerizing

Sinorita Naskar

5 years ago
A plethora of temples, mostly dedicated to Lord Krishna, is what one can find in Vrindavan. We spent a very small amount of time here, so did not get the chance to visit all the temples. We had a pri (Read More)est as our guide who was telling us stories about Lord Krishna. Honestly, I did not like the place much as it is unclean, and there's nothing else to do apart from visiting the temples. One needs to beware of people extorting money from the devotees in the name of charity or religion, as we had a similar sour experience.

Kovid Kapoor

5 years ago
- Vrindavan is infested with monkeys and they tend to steal loose items like cameras, bottles as well as spectacles. It is advisable to be careful in such situations.

Harsh Bhardwaj

5 years ago
Vridavan too many monkeys but still a must place to visit. Either you are a Krishna fan or not you should visit the place at least once. Visit Nidhiban, Bankebihari Temple and Prem Mandir. Street foo (Read More)d is good try some Tikki, Aloo puri and Revari is a must. One can get a complete ambiance if u can manage to go around holi.

Pintu Bansal

5 years ago
Awesome very good 5 star retting hhffffg

Gaurav Das

5 years ago
Vridavan is a place of devotion, no money needed there. Krishna is present everywhere in Vridavan. Must be visit 8 Oldest temples there. Nidhivan, Bankebihari Temple, Iskcon, RadhaRaman etc. its so p (Read More)eaceful place and feel Krishna everywhere. I believe you defiantly get mercy of Krishna. Have lassi and Puri there it awesome. Go there with devotion not a visitor. Best time to visit on HOLI and Kartik Mas.

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Q. Please describe the Vrindavan Holi. Can I go here with my ageing mother? She has always wanted to spend Holi in Vrindavan once.

Rajat Jain

5 years ago
Holi in Vrindavan is a bright and colorful affair with a lot of colors and some really interesting stories. Nandgaon and Barsana have Holi celebrations spread over a week, and they are at distances o (Read More)f 53 and 51 KM from Vrindavan respectively. Your mother would enjoy the experience of Holi here, but try not to venture out among the crowds too much, as this may be taxing for her.
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