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Mani Snapis

on City Palace 7 months ago
Awesome Trip Thanks Holidify, You suggest us great places to visit

Mani Snapis

8 months ago
Alwar is very beautiful place, you can go there market and fort

Jitendra Motilal

on Company Bagh 3 years ago
this is one of the best place to visit if you are in nearby Delhi alwar is good city apart from this there are lots of place in Rajasthan for travel "link hidden"

Sanjana Chawla

on Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary 3 years ago
Sariska National Park is situated in Alwar, Rajasthan and can be reached by car after a 7-8 hour long drive. Being in Rajasthan, the national park is very humid and hot and it is advisable to wear co (Read More)tton clothes and to travel light. This place might not be suitable for people allergic to dust and heat as the weather can make you feel very uneasy. You can spot the Bengal tiger or Indian leopard near the water ponds or in the bushes. Morning safaris and visits to the jungle are advised as the temperature comes down in the morning and it is very pleasant then. Monkeys, bores, antelopes, crocodiles, and jackals can also be spotted. You need to book online or purchase the safari tickets from the government booking centres to enter the national sanctuary. I visited Sariska in the last days of December and the days were hot even then, however the nights were cooler and soothing. Once you are done with the jungle safari, you can go for a small trip to the haunted Bhangarh fort or Alwar fort where you can engage in water activities like jet ski in the Alwar lake. Famous for its Rajasthani food, you can also relish the yummy kachodis and milk cakes which can be found in local shops. Travel light when going for the safari and keep yourself hydrated as the heat is scorching and you can fall sick due to negligence. Sariska sanctuary was good but the weather was quite unbearable. You can visit this place once, preferably in the colder months.

Kovid Kapoor

3 years ago
- Carry sun screen lotion, sun glasses, umbrellas, etc.
- Carry light clothing during summers and appropriate woolens during winters.
- Be careful in the Sariska reserve and abide by the rules (Read More)there.
- Quite a few restaurants do not accept card payments. So carry cash along.

Surbhi Parashar Parashar

on Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary 3 years ago
Two important tips: 1. Beware of illegal ticket sellers and go for online booking at first place on 2. Wearing sunblock and pollution mask is a must.

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Q. What are the famous local foods in Alwar?

Kovid Kapoor

3 years ago
The most famous local food in Alwar is the milkcake. The original and the most authentic shop is Baba Thakur Das which sells delicious milk cakes.
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