Delhi to Varanasi

   Delhi to Varanasi Road Distance 817 km
   Delhi to Varanasi Aerial Distance 681 km
  Delhi to Varanasi Travel Time 11 hours 50 mins

Delhi to Varanasi - How to reach

How to reach Varanasi from Delhi

The capital city of India is well connected to Varanasi by road, rail and air. There are regular flights and planes between the two cities as well as buses operated by private and government service providers.

Popular Routes to Varanasi

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Delhi to Varanasi 11 hours 50 mins 817 km
Hyderabad to Varanasi 22 hours 45 mins 1,230 km
Kolkata to Varanasi 11 hours 59 mins 683 km
Chennai to Varanasi 1 day 8 hours 1,855 km
Bangalore to Varanasi 1 day 6 hours 1,819 km
Mumbai to Varanasi 1 day 2 hours 1,678 km

Popular Routes from Delhi

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Delhi to Manali 10 hours 51 mins 537 km
Delhi to Shimla 6 hours 44 mins 344 km
Delhi to Agra 3 hours 34 mins 231 km
Delhi to Nainital 7 hours 377 km
Delhi to Chandigarh 3 hours 51 mins 245 km
Delhi to Jaipur 4 hours 53 mins 273 km

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