How To Reach Tuensang

How to Reach Tuensang

Tuensang is well connected to each city, though not directly but Indirectly, through the nearby Airport and Railway stations and the roads connecting the nearby major cities to Tuensang are very efficient. Dimapur is the only city connected with railways and airways. Thus, the only way to reach Tuensang is by bus, private cars or hired taxis.

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How to reach Tuensang by flight

The Dimapur Airport is the closest airport to reach Tuensang. Dimapur is well connected to all major cities of the North and North East like Amritsar, Imphal, Guwahati, Delhi, etc. You can hire a taxi from the airport. They charge around INR 7 per kilometre.

Nearest Airport: Jorhat Airport (JRH) - 84 kms from Tuensang

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How to reach Tuensang by road

Tuensang is well connected by road and vehicles like buses and taxis are available for travelling. State run buses are available from the city of Dimapur to Tuensang, they charge around INR 300 for the ride.

How to reach Tuensang by train

The nearest railway station is Dimapur Railway Station, which is 115 km away from Tuensang. The Dimapur station is a major railway station and is connected to all the districts of the state of Nagaland and also cities like Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Kolkata, Amritsar and Delhi. You can hire a cab to reach the destination from the station.

Local transport in Tuensang

Intra city commuting is very comfortable. Good roads and a fairly good amount of availability of cabs ensure that one does not have issues in intra city commuting. Though travelling becomes a major issue during the monsoons.

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