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CSI Christ Church, Trivandrum Overview

Having added to the historical and architectural glory of Trivandrum for more than 19 decades, the CSI Christ Church is a beautiful gothic church that adorns the vibrant town of Palayam. Enveloped in the canopy of lush, dense trees, it is the oldest church in the entire city and was consecrated in the early days of 1859. If you are a history buff or a lover of architecture, the CSI Christ Church should top your list of attractions to visit in Trivandrum. This architectural marvel was built over 150 years ago, but its charm has not worn off in the least; if anything, its majesty has glorified even more with time.

This church was built by the early Christian settlers of Munnar. It has a 1000-year-old cemetery in its premises where you will find gravestones of several Europeans that are more than 200 years old. As this ancient yet luxuriously elegant church stands amidst lush green environs, one is truly left in awe of the imposing yet calming aura of this beautiful building. Be sure to explore the intricate architecture and antique furnishings around the church in your time here, and you will surely be amazed.

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History of CSI Christ Church

The CSI Christ Church as quite some history revolving around it. Mrs Ilianor Knight who was the wife of an early missionary, Mr Henry Knight, died a tragic death after a long-suffering from Malaria. She was the first Britisher to be buried here, followed by over 200 Britishers who were buried in a graveyard behind the church. Interestingly enough, the second, third and even fourth generations of the British planters who were buried here visit this graveyard quite regularly. During 1924 when the tsunami had hit Munnar resulting in massive floods, the CSI Christ Church was the first place all the people headed to. This is because of its vast seating capacity, proximity to the main city centre and its geographical advantage of being situated on, what can be called, a short hillock.

Architecture of CSI Christ Church

The main architectural style of the church is essentially ancient Gothic. The entire structure is made of beautiful and authentic rough-hewn granite with natural non plastered walls and is adorned with traditional memorial brass plaques. These brass plaques read the names of the prominent folk from the plantations or the city of Munnar. The highlight of the architecture are the artistic and extremely alluring glass windows that depict the biblical characters and saints!

The most popular stained window is called the 'Good Shepherd'. The windows on the walls have been cleverly designed to depict the twelve disciples in the Bible and their respective symbols. Many inscriptions and carvings are drawn out to convey and commemorate the life of Lord Jesus. The antique furnishings of this church are truly breathtaking. Some of these include the Pulpit, the Altar, the Lectern, the brass altar railings, and an immaculately carved teakwood screen.

CSI Christ Church Timings

The Church is a go-to destination for over a thousand families, and there are three services every Sunday morning in different languages- Malayalam, English and Tamil. Morning service too is held on Fridays.

The timings are as follows:
6:15 AM: Tamil
7:15 AM: English
9:45 AM: Malayalam
7:30 AM: Zion Halla (Only on 2nd and 4th Sundays)
6:00 PM: Fern Hill Bethel (Zenana Mission)

6:00 PM: English

7:30 AM: Malayalam

All Sundays, between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM, Sunday School functions are held at the Centenary Hall. Parents and outsiders are welcome to attend at no entrance or ticket cost.

How To Reach CSI Christ Church

The CSI Christ Church is very close to the city centre of Palayam and has many landmarks around it that make it easier to get there. Set in sylvan surroundings and perched up on a small hillock, this church sits right between the Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium and the University Stadium. Two other major landmarks on either side of the church are the Kerala Legislative Complex on the left and the Arterial Mahatma Gandhi Road on the right.

You can take the Kochi-Madurai-Dhanushkodi Road if you are taking the road. The church is not too hard to spot, but if you need help with directions, you can let the BellMount Resort be your guide, which is only a minute away from the church. If you wish to opt for public transport, you can take a bus up till the Palayam Bus Stand. This bus stop is only 850 meters away from the church, which is barely a 10-minute walk.

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