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Papamoa is a suburban town in Tauranga, New Zealand. It is most known for its coastline, beaches and beach activities. The town is surrounded by picturesque locations, and forests. So, there is enough available for those who would like to go sightseeing or even indulge in adventure or leisure activities. Its proximity to Tauranga City makes it a preferred location for those seeking a quick escape. Having said that, recent developments in the town have changed its face to a great extent.

Papamoa is also known as the largest residential suburb of Tauranga. The town's coastline extends between the base of Mount Maunganui and the Kaituna River, creating a 10-kilometre-long beach which draws the greatest number of visitors every year.

Initially, this area was recognised as a rural area. It was only after 1980 that it truly started developing to be identified as a suburban town. The number of inhabitants also increased considerably soon after. Nonetheless, it has still maintained its status of a holiday retreat for locals living in nearby cities.

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Things to Do

  • Travellers exploring Papamoa can head to Papamoa Beach and enjoy activities like sunbathing, swimming, fishing and surfing. The beaches are great for a game of frisbee, beach volleyball or beach cricket. Some may even choose to have a barbecue at the beach. Many go looking for pipis in the sand and when they have found enough, they toss them in a pan on a bonfire and have a delicious snack.

  • Some more activities famous at Papamoa Beach are fishing and boating. The waters are safe to enter most part of the year. So, one can go kayaking or jets skiing in the bay. On the days when the atmosphere is just perfect and so are the waves, they can also go surfing. Wind and kite surfing are particularly famous here.

  • Papamoa is also known to be a paradise for shopaholics. Two major names pop up when it comes to shopping in the town, "Fashion Island" and "Papamoa Plaza". Here, one can find fashion retail stores, boutiques, discount stores selling national and international brands. People can also find eateries, restaurants, salons, multiplexes, entertainment zones, etc. at the malls.

  • If one wants some time with nature, one can head to the forest that surrounds the town. One can hike through one of the several trails at the reserve. Most of these trails take trekkers to the Kaiate Waterfall. These are all sign-posted tracks so, travellers can easily reach the falls and return without any assistance.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Papamoa in Tauranga, New Zealand is during the summer season. December marks the beginning of the season which goes on till February. The summer temperature hovers between a maximum of 26ᵒC and a minimum of 21ᵒC.

The atmosphere is pleasant and clear during the season. Other than the summer, one may also enjoy visiting Papamoa during the spring season (September to November). The weather is cool in comparison, between 21ᵒC 14ᵒC. So, beach activities might not be possible but exploring the rest of the town would be just as enjoyable.

How To Reach Papamoa

  • Papamoa is located about 18 kilometres away from Tauranga.
  • Travellers can use intercity buses, and domestic flights to reach Tauranga from other cities in New Zealand.
  • Once in Tauranga, they can use public transport to commute to Papamoa by the roadways.
  • Airport shuttles, buses and taxis are most recommended.
  • If one finds self-driving comfortable, they may opt for it.
  • The route leading to Papamoa from Tauranga goes via Cameron Road - Glasgow Street - Elizabeth Street - SH 2 - Te Puke Highway. 

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